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Tea at Five

8/18/2017 - 9/23/2017
Connecticut Cabaret Theatre
31-33 Webster Square Rd
Berlin, CT 06037
Phone: 860-829-1248

Tea at Five in Connecticut

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Capture the fiery spirit of Katharine Hepburn, portrayed by Kelly Boucher, in a one-woman show that recounts her journey from a well-heeled Connecticut Yankee childhood to winner of four Oscars. Ensconced at her beloved Fenwick home, Ms. Hepburn reflects on the dizzying heights and emotional lows of her upbringing, her adventures in show business and her heartbreaking romance with Spencer Tracy. Katharine Hepburn transformed herself from the key actress of a generation into thespian royalty. The play consists of two conversations between Hepburn and the audience. Tea at Five opens in 1938, when the 31-year-old Hepburn is five years beyond her first Oscar-winning performance, and after being branded "box office poison,” has suffered through a string of poorly received movies and is anxious to revive her career. Progressing though time, the story moves to 1983, when Hepburn melodic voice is shaky and she clutches at her cane for support after the ravages of Parkinson's disease, yet the same grace, style and poise is still evident in her every elegant word and coy smile. Join The Connecticut Cabaret Theatre and Kelly Boucher, in her tour de force performance of Katharine Hepburn. This is a rare opportunity to go inside the walls of her Fenwick home, on the shores of Connecticut for some tea, a cozy chat and an intimate look at the Hollywood legend, and the woman behind the legend. Audiences leave with new memories of one of the most dearly loved ladies of an era.

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