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American Moor at Elm Shakespeare Comany




Elm Shakespeare Comany

Edgerton Park, 75 Cliff St
New Haven,CT

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American Moor as performed at London's Globe Theatre. Playwright/Performer Keith Hamilton Cobb will share a rarely-seen video of his award-winning and explosive play American Moor, as it was performed on the Wanamaker stage in 2018. Cobb's life-long adoration of Shakespeare, and his life-long sense of marginalization in American society fuel this passionate, poetic, pointed and deeply moving piece of theatre that examines, exalts, and indicts our American theatre as a microcosm of our ailing American culture. When a white director presumes to dictate how Shakespeare's black leading man should behave, a black actor's salvation lies in the love of self. American Moor is a play about unconditional love. Mr. Cobb will lead a discussion following the performance about who gets to make art in America today, who owns Shakespeare, and the nature of unadulterated love. For more information and tickets visit

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