Pink Martini (Kennedy Center) 2/14/2013 - $80

1 ticket for Pink Martini on February 14, 2013. Premium orchastra ticket (P-2). $80 = $75 + $4 ticket handling charge from KC. (China Forbes is back!)

Washington Performing Arts Society
Jazz & Pop
Pink Martini

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a twist! Along with the Cuban rumba and Brazilian carnival rhythms, the 12-piece big band Pink Martini mixes Italian jazz and French show tunes. "Cosmopolitan and sophisticated, it's equal parts cabaret, caf¯, and carnival" (Symphony Magazine).

"Pour in a variety of genres, shake well, serve. Crowd loves it." (The Washington Post)
Here is one of their classics - it has been described as, "Schubert meets Gloria Gaynor in Cuba in 1952". Love it!

There is a chance that Ari Spirio (NPR white house correspondant) will also be guest singing -

Pink Martini