About Rosie O’Donnell takes the stage at the Levity Live Comedy Club inside the Palisades Center – a mall in Nyack, NY, where Rosie used to live – to share hilarious insights about her life as a newly remarried wife and a mother of five children, and to offer a deeply personal recounting of the heart attack she survived over two years ago – an experience that opened her eyes and drove her to become a women’s heart-health advocate. Displaying the signature candor that’s made her a household name, Rosie boasts that she was at this very same mall the day it opened 18 years earlier adding that she was not there as a celebrity – that honor fell to “Arthur the Aardvark.” Today, she’s a mom with five children, each of whom has provided her with special joys and (especially the four teenagers) patience-testing challenges. There’s 18-year-old Parker, who’s pursuing a military career and constantly pushes her buttons; 11-year-old wannabe performer Vivian, who once proclaimed to her mother, “Why can’t you be more like Ellen?” (not realizing Rosie was Ellen before Ellen was Ellen); and the most recent addition to her family, 15-month-old Dakota. Rosie also touches on her undying love for Barbara Streisand (who once stayed as a guest in Rosie’s house in Miami), her attitudes towards male genitalia and her second chance at romance with current wife Michelle, a “Lipstick Lesbian” she met at Starbucks.

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