About the Show: From the producers of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, the hit PBS series and the forerunner of television's popular antiques and collectibles genre, comes a new adventure for treasure seekers: MARKET WARRIORS.

Premiering Monday, July 16, at 9pm (in between ANTIQUES ROADSHOW at 8 and 10), MARKET WARRIORS follows antiques pickers — Bob , John , Kevin , and Miller — on a nationwide treasure hunt, scouring flea markets and antiques shows for vintage valuables with an eye toward selling their finds for profit at auction. Over the course of 20 one-hour episodes, viewers will get to know the pickers, enjoy an up-close look at the fierce competition and obstacles they face in the marketplace, and make their best guesses about who will come out ahead at the end of the competitions.

"With MARKET WARRIORS, we wanted to turn the lens on the antiques experts themselves," says series executive producer Marsha Bemko. "Our pickers aren't your amateur-weekend-flea-market hobbyists — they are pros looking to turn a profit in a highly competitive setting where the element of chance and a little luck sometimes trump expertise."

Marsha Bemko is the executive producer of MARKET WARRIORS. Marsha has been at the helm of the nine-time Emmy Award-nominated program ANTIQUES ROADSHOW since 2003, and was executive producer of the companion series, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW FYI. Bemko also is the author of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW BEHIND THE SCENES (Touchstone/Stonesong Press), published in December 2009, and she has overseen the development of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW video games, iPhone and iPad applications, and popular social media sites. Prior to joining ROADSHOW as senior producer in 1999, Bemko worked on a variety of WGBH-produced public affairs programs for PBS. She was WGBH's coordinating producer for national programming and the series producer for CULTURE SHOCK (1999), a historical series about censorship in the arts and freedom of expression, produced by WGBH Boston and broadcast nationally on PBS. Bemko served as coordinating producer for DISCOVERING WOMEN (1995), a series about six women scientists, and she worked in a variety of production capacities for the award-winning FRONTLINE public affair series beginning in 1982. In addition to her work on MARKET WARRIORS and ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, Marsha is a sought-after lecturer, appearing across the country.

John Kalish is the senior producer of MARKET WARRIORS. John began his television career at CNN and became a seasoned show-runner and producer with credits that include LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS, GOOD MORNING AMERICA/SUNDAY, and BIG BROTHER. He has been executive producer on a variety of other projects, including children's animated series for Fox and Cartoon Network. He also has produced for Animal Planet and MTV.