About the Show: “The Queen of Country” Reba McEntire returns to the small screen as a woman who leaves it all behind in order to make a new life.

When Reba’s husband, a country music star, cheats on her, Reba moves her family from Nashville to Malibu. Her mama, Lillie Mae, comes along for their California adventure that starts quickly when they move in next door to Kim, a rich, buxom, blonde housewife. Having given up her own singing career to raise her two kids, Reba’s bent on starting where she left off in spite of the stonewalling from her music producer’s assistant, Geoffrey.

Reba soon has trouble at home as her daughter June practices kissing with the boy next door who claims he’s gay. Meanwhile, her son Cash deals with going from being a prince in Nashville to a pauper in Malibu. Meanwhile, Lillie Mae discovers all the adventures she can have in California as a woman freed from expectations.

Reba stars as Reba MacKenzie, along with Lily Tomlin as Lillie Mae, Sara Rue as Kim, Jai Rodriguez as Geoffrey, Juliette as June, Justin as Cash. Malibu Country is executive-produced by Nastaran Dibai (According to Jim, 3rd Rock from the Sun), Mindy Schultheis (Reba, Titus), Michael Hanel (Reba, Titus), Reba, Narvel Blackstock, Dave Stewart (member of the rock group The Eurythmics), who also created the series, and Pamela Oas Williams (The Amazing Spider-Man). Malibu Country is from ABC Studios and is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s selected HDTV format, with 5.1-channel surround sound.