Wendy's 'Where's The Beef' Ad Campaign Inspires New Musical!

Wendy's 'Where's The Beef' Ad Campaign Inspires New Musical!You may not know the name Clara Peller but chances are you know the catchphrase which made her famous in the 1980's - "Where's the Beef?'!

The successful Wendy's ad campaign introduced the former hairstylist to the nation beginning in 1984. Later that year, NASHVILLE songwriter and DJ Coyote McCloud wrote and performed a hit song entitled "Where's the Beef?" as a promotion for Wendy's restaurants' famous advertising campaign, featuring Peller.

Now, according to USA Today, the actress may become the subject of a new musical titled 'Clara and the Beef', written by her daughter as a loving tribute.

Peller's daughter recently launched an unsuccessful kickstarter campaign for the new musical project which only raised $1600 of the $50,000 required to produce the show. But don't dispair, according to the report, the infamous cry 'Where's the Beef', will one day make it to the stage, maybe even to the Great White Way!

Watch the original ad below:

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