VIDEO: Watch O'Donnell, Vieira & All 11 Hosts of THE VIEW Reunite

VIDEO: Watch O'Donnell, Vieira & All 11 Hosts of THE VIEW Reunite

VIDEO: Watch O'Donnell, Vieira & All 11 Hosts of THE VIEW ReuniteFor the first time in television history, all 11 co-hosts ofABC's "The View," present and past, shares the same stage, live, today THURSDAY, MAY 15 (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET) on ABC to celebrate the show's creator Barbara Walters. Check out the reunion below!

Tomorrow, after more than five decades of entertaining and informing generations of Americans, Walters says goodbye to daily television, commemorating her final co-host appearance on "The View" that morning. Walters is the last remaining co-host of the original panel of five women she helped assemble. Behind-the-scenes she will continue to be an active part of "The View" in her role as executive producer along with executive producer Bill Geddie, her producing partner of more than 25 years.

Journalist Meredith Vieira, lawyer Star Jones, comedian Joy Behar, television personality Debbie Matenopoulos, journalist Lisa Ling, comedian Rosie O'Donnell, and cable news host Elisabeth Hasselbeck will join Sherri Shepherd, Jenny McCarthy, Whoopi Goldberg and Walters for this momentous, once in a lifetime television event.

When "The View" first hit the airwaves in August, 1997, it was unlike any other program on television. It featured an all female panel of dynamic women of different ages, experiences and backgrounds sharing various points of view and discussing the hottest topics of the day. "The View" is undoubtedly a pop culture phenomenon and made household names of the show's original cast, which featured a journalist/mom, a comedian/divorcee, an attorney and "the young one."

Meredith Vieira (moderator, 1997-2006, Season 1-9)

Star Jones (1997-2006, Season 1-9)

Joy Behar (1997-2013, Season 1-16)

Debbie Matenopoulos (1997-1998, Season 1-2)

Lisa Ling (1999-2002, Season 2-6)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (2003-2013, Season 7-16)

Rosie O'Donnell (moderator, 2006-2007, Season 10)

Whoopi Goldberg (moderator, 2007, Season 11-Present)

Sherri Shepherd (2007, Season 11-Present)

Jenny McCarthy (2013, Season 17-Present)

Last May, Walters announced live on "The View" that the show's 17th season would be her last. Since then, "The View" has been celebrating Walters' career by highlighting her most famous interviews with the ongoing series, "The Year of Barbara." "The View" will commemorate Walters' final week (May 12-16) with ABC: A Barbara Celebration featuring surprise guests, dedicated segments, and retrospectives of Walters' incredible life, both on screen and off.

"The View," is broadcast in HDTV and produced in 2-channel stereo sound. It is available to watch online daily at 4:00 p.m., ET/1:00 p.m., PT on "The View" is produced by ABC and Ms. Walters' Barwall Productions. "The View" is directed by Mark Gentile.

Photo courtesy of ABC

VIDEO: Watch O'Donnell, Vieira & All 11 Hosts of THE VIEW Reunite