Scoop: THE CBS DREAM TEAM, IT'S EPIC on CBS - Today, August 2, 2014

Scoop: THE CBS DREAM TEAM, IT'S EPIC on CBS - Today, August 2, 2014Lucky Dog "Flash" - Excited about passing on their love of adoption to their own adopted son, Tony and BJ set out to rescue Flash, a six-month-old Chihuahua with a hunger for learning. But before Flash can be adopted, Brandon must first curb Flash's chewing habit and teach him the art of running alongside a bike. OAD: 3/1/14

DR. CHRIS PET VET "Midnight Wife" - Veterinarian Chris Brown is dragged out of bed to help a parrot who stuck its nose where it didn't belong. Then, an emergency strikes, as Chris must help a Norwich Terrier through a dangerous delivery. OAD: 4/5/14

RECIPE REHAB "Chef Vikki's Q&A with Viewers" - Chef Vikki answers viewers questions and reveals her kitchen tips and tricks, her market must haves and whips up a healthy meal on the fly. OAD: 11/6/13

JAMIE OLIVER'S 15 MINUTE "Asian Tuna and Ricotta Fritters" - Chef Jamie
Oliver rustles up seared Asian tuna, coconut rice and greens, plus ricotta fritters, tomato sauce and zucchini salad. OAD: 4/5/14

ALL IN WITH LAILA ALI "The Secret Beach" - Laila Ali hosts as a local surfer finds a secret beach in Hawaii. Plus, non-stop high-speed action on two wheels as men and women conquer Pyramid Mountain in a race like no other. OAD: 3/15/14

GAME CHANGERS WITH KEVIN "Best Of: A Day With The Champ" - Spend a day FRAZIER with Jon "Bones" Jones and the secret photo shoot in New York City, and NFL star Marcedes Lewis discusses his childhood and the choices he made to get to the NFL. Also, witness a visit with World Cup Superstar Clint Dempsey. OAD: 6/28/14