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08/06/2014: American Greed 93 -THE HOME INVADERS//NASHVILLE'S PREDATOR

A 'White Knight' company has a leaseback plan to keep distressed homeowners in their homes. But the plan is a scam and after Rivertown Financial steals a home's equity, the owners are foreclosed and homeless, while the criminals pocket millions.

And, a financial planner reaps millions from clients' accounts including the 401k of workers at a camp for seriously ill children. His ego wants his name in lights so this Nashville predator approaches an NHL team to buy the naming rights of the arena.

08/13/2014: American Greed 94 - HAIL TO THE THIEF

A former Army intelligence officer known as "Mr. X" stole millions through a fake veteran's charity and eluded authorities by using an array of false identities. No one figured out who he really was or where he came from until he made one misstep...

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