Scoop: '20/20' Interviews Gypsy Rose Blanchard From Prison About Why She Plotted to Kill Her Mother on ABC - Friday, December 14, 2018

Scoop: '20/20' Interviews Gypsy Rose Blanchard From Prison About Why She Plotted to Kill Her Mother on ABC - Friday, December 14, 2018Gypsy Rose Blanchard, whose mother claimed she was terminally ill and wheelchair bound since childhood, made national headlines when she not only pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in
the stabbing of her caregiver mother, Clauddine "Dee Dee" Blanchard, but also proved that she could walk and did not suffer from the variety of medical illnesses that her mother had claimed. The hour features an interview with Gypsy from prison as she opens up to "20/20" co-anchor Amy Robach about why she plotted to kill her mother and explains what life was like with Dee Dee, who some experts think had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, an unusual mental health disorder where a caregiver invents or inflicts illness on a person under his or her care to gain attention and/or
inancial gain. "20/20" also includes an interview with Nicholas Godejohn, Gypsy's ex-boyfriend, prior to his trial in which he claims that Gypsy was the mastermind behind the murder and he was
"basically a hired hitman." "20/20" has been following the case for years and, in an update, reports the latest on Nicholas, who just last month was found guilty of first-degree murder in the stabbing of
Dee Dee. "20/20" airs on Friday, Dec. 14 (10:01 - 11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC.

"20/20" explores the question of whether Gypsy is a victim or perpetrator in this bizarre case and interviews Rod Blanchard, Gypsy's father; Gypsy's neighbor and close friend Aleah Woodmansee; family friends Kim and David Blanchard; Dr. Bernardo Flasterstein, Gypsy's former neurologist, who suspected Dee Dee suffered from Munchausen syndrome by proxy; Mike Stanfield, Gypsy's public defender; and local news anchor Leigh Moody who covered the case.

For nearly two decades, Gypsy was wheelchair bound and allegedly had medical problems such as leukemia, seizures, muscular dystrophy and needing a feeding tube to eat. When Gypsy and her
mother lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, they relocated to Springfield, Missouri, and turned into local celebrities. Gypsy started speaking at conferences and meeting celebrities. She received a
Make-A-Wish trip to WALT DISNEY WORLD and her mother received donations from country music star Miranda Lambert. The duo even received a new house from Habitat for Humanity. These organizations tell ABC News that they believed Gypsy's story at the time. As Gypsy grew older, she met Nicholas Godejohn online and fell in love, but Dee Dee ordered Gypsy to stay away from him. In June 2015, their sweet mother-daughter façade was SHATTERED when Dee Dee was found stabbed to death, and police arrested Gypsy and Nicholas. The country was shocked when Gypsy was seen walking into court, quickly revealing that despite Dee Dee's lifelong claims, Gypsy wasn't handicapped. It was also revealed that for years, Gypsy underwent numerous, likely unnecessary, surgical procedures and was prescribed countless medications. Today, Gypsy is serving ten years in prison for second-degree murder. Nicholas will be formally sentenced to mandatory life in prison in February.

"20/20" is anchored by David Muir and Amy Robach. David Sloan is senior executive producer.

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