Review Roundup: Mark Wahlberg Stars in New TRANSFORMERS Film!

Review Roundup: Mark Wahlberg Stars in New TRANSFORMERS Film!

Review Roundup: Mark Wahlberg Stars in New TRANSFORMERS Film!

The transformers are back again! The next installment in the beloved 'Transformers' franchise was released today, June 30th, and features many returning fan favorites, including Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. As its predecessors, the film was directed by Michael Bay and executive produced by industry legend Stephen Spielberg.

The story takes place four years after the invasion in Chicago in the movie prior. The U.S. government has declared all of Autobots to be fugitives, and begins to hunt down and exterminate all remaining Transformers to prevent future conflicts with the machines. Mark Wahlberg stars as Cade Yeager, a robotics inventor who realizes his newly purchased truck is actually a damaged Optimus Prime.

The film features an entirely new human cast, including Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, and Kelsey Grammer.

Let's see what the critics had to say!

A.O. Scott, The New York TImes: If you spend any time thinking about why the C.I.A. and an Apple-like technology corporation would be in cahoots with an intergalactic bounty hunter in an anti-Autobot pogrom you are missing the point. If, on the other hand, you are bored by the sight of giant robots fighting, this will feel like a very long art film.

Stephanie Merry, The Washington Post: There are so many action sequences related to so many story lines that midway through an epic fight, you might find yourself wondering what exactly started this particular battle and what the objective is other than destruction for the sake of it.

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone: Bay, with the help of screenwriter Ehren Kruger, is telling the same damn story as he did before. But this time he's taking more time than ever to do it. Just shy of three hours, Transformers: Age of Extinction, whether you see it in 2D, 3D or Imax 3D, is a punishing endurance test.

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News: If the "human scenes" all reek of adolescent dialogue and dopey snark masquerading as character development, it's a toss-up if that's better or worse than seeing clattering collections of caliginous junk - some voiced by John Goodman, Ken Watanabe and Robert Foxworth - sass each other before battling and flying about like so much space junk.

Scott Mendelson, Forbes: I'm not going to say that Transformers: Age of Extinction is quite "good." But it is arguably the least "bad" of the franchise.

Peter Hartlaub, The San Francisco Gate: The new "Transformers" is a completely unnecessary and soul-crushing 165 minutes long, bloated by exposition and plot turns that sound as if they were being made up as the movie was shot.

Christopher Borrelli, The Chicago Tribune: Even as the loud maw of the film itself reduces even the most astonishing visuals to wallpaper, these characters talk so often about robot soul that "Transformers: Age of Extinction" commits the worse crime imaginable: It's totally boring.

Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair: There is nothing to watch here, nothing to grab onto or hook into in even the simplest of ways.

Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times: The filmmaker has actually built a better "Transformers" in "Age of Extinction," one I'm sure fans of the franchise will adore. It's still not a great movie, but it is, most definitely, full-metal Bay.

Richard Corliss, Time: Movies usually try to come together at the end; this one falls apart. If that's Bay's intention, then cinema has finally entered its Age of Extinction.