Off-Broadway's Juliette Fairley Stars in MULATTO'S DILEMMA Short Film Sequel


Off-Broadway star Juliette Fairley just wrapped a starring role in her second short film Mulatto's Dilemma. The 7-minute indie is based on Fairley's life experience having an African American father and white French mother.

"It's gratifying to see scenes from my Charles Burnett-directed stage play become short films with a cast of characters," said Fairley, who self-financed the production. "I see a lot of interracial couples with children running around so I think the topic is timely not only for me but many others."

Fairley is best known for portraying her life story in a solo show called Mulatto Saga at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks and the Roy Arias Theater in Manhattan's Theater District in 2010 and 2011. The theatrical run garnered the cross-marketing support of Halle Berry's perfume. Miss Berry is also bi-racial.

Fairley's first short film Mulatto Saga will be syndicated on national television through Badami Productions in Los Angeles starting August 4, 2012. "It's a gift that the film is premiering on President Obama's birthday because like me, the president is bi-racial."

A sequel to the 6-minute rendition of the Mulatto Saga, Mulatto's Dilemma features newcomers Daralyn Jay, Kamilah Michelle Hatcher, Alina Volobuyeva, Christine Mottram and Steven Strehle as well as returning cast members from the first film Gary Kayi Fletcher, Kaylee Souther, Patrick Shane and Cassidy Knight whose role is to play Fairley when she was six years old.

"Cassidy is a perfect embodiment of who I was as a child. She's bi-racial, energetic, ambitious, determined and she insists on being visible. Cassidy is self-assured, independent and an extrovert," Fairley said in an interview. "That's why I brought her back to play myself because she's just like me."

Screen Actors Guild Actors Hassan Goding and Nikki James join the cast, playing new characters Clark Kennedy and Odile Alsten. Goding appears regularly on ABC's What Would You Do while James is known for her recurring role on CBS' As The World Turns and a co-starring role on ABC's Ugly Betty.

Actors in Mulatto's Dilemma were completely outfitted by stylist Deborah Koenigsberger who owns the clothing store Noir et Blanc in Manhattan. Koenigsberger happens to play a saleswoman in the film's clothing store scenes.

Photo credit: Eddie Olmos