Disney Developing Animated Remake of THE STOOGE?

Disney Developing Animated Remake of THE STOOGE?According to Gary K. Wolf, writer of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT?, multiple sources have confirmed to him that Disney has acquired the rights to the classic Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis film THE STOOGE. The catch? Along with Pixar, they plan to cast Mickey Mouse and Roger Rabbit as the leads for a new animated remake.

The film "will be a (G) Rated Pixar type animated musical buddy comedy. Mickey takes on the Dean Martin role, Roger, who is already regarded as a comic genius in France, takes the Jerry Lewis part," according to Wolf's report.

In addition, the film will reportedly incorporate multiple Disneyland locations and landmarks, feature real-life actors, and more.

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THE STOOGE, originally released in 1952, followed a self-absorbed vaudevillain who may be fading from the spotlight - in an effort to save his act, he teams up with a 'stooge,' who renews his popularity and acclaim in mid-20th century New York.

Photo via Gary K. Wolf's Official Website