Jerome Salle's ZULU to Close Cannes Film Festival

Jerome Salle's ZULU to Close Cannes Film Festival

Hamilton, pioneering Swiss watch brand with a long history in aviation and cinema,has partnered with the French film Zulu by Jerome Salle, to be screened on Sunday, 26 May to close the Cannes Film Festival.

Despite having directed the films Largo Winch and Anthony Zimmer, it is Jerome Salle's first time in Cannes and a return visit to Cannes for the great Forest Whitaker, alongside Orlando Bloom. Hamilton has signed a new and major collaboration with Zulu, in keeping with the captivating relationship the company has had with the film industry for over 60 years.

Distributed by Path France (also responsible for international sales), the film was co-produced by Eskwad, Path, Lobster Tree and M6 Films, with the help of Canal+, Cin+, M6 and W9.

Zulu by Jerome Salle, co-written by Julien Rappeneau, is an adaptation of the wonderful novel of the same name by Caryl Ferey, which was awarded the Grand prix de littrature policire, France's most prestigious literary prize for crime fiction, in 2008(Ed. Gallimard - Collection Srie Noire 2008): in a South Africa still haunted by apartheid, two policemen hunt down the murderer of a young teenager. From the Townships of Cape Town to the luxurious coastal villas, this investigation will turn the lives of both men upside down and force them to confront their inner demons.

Although Zulu is a French film, it was nonetheless filmed in English and starred Forest Whitaker (The Last King ofScotland, Ghost Dog) and Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Caribbean).

Inspired by the wristwatches supplied to American soldiers during the First World War, the Khaki Field Titanium, with its resolutely sporty and contemporary appearance, is worn by Forest Whitaker throughout the film. Hamilton is the exclusive watch-making partner of the film Zulu.

Known for their innovative design, Hamilton watches have been captivating the best cinema designers in the world for more than sixty years. Their shape, their materials and their distinctive design have earned the timepieces roles in all kinds of films ranging from action films (Die Hard, Ocean's Eleven, Predators, Abduction), to science-fiction films (Men in Black, Independence Day, 2001: Space Odyssey), as well as comedies (Killers, Get Smart, You've Got Mail, Blue Hawaii) and dramas (A Beautiful Mind, The Good German).

The brand works on a continual basis with film directors, propmasters, costume designers and technicians to produce models to suit the actors and the scripts perfectly. In order create pieces with exceptional design and function, Hamilton draws inspiration from cinema. The brand also develops watches with specific functions aiming to meet film production requirements.