Ehud Segev Comes to Times Square, 11/15

Ehud Segev Comes to Times Square, 11/15

Ehud Segev, better known as "The Mentalizer", will present the grand finale of his popular world tour in New York City on Thursday, November 15 with an intimate show, "How to be a Mentalist, in the heart of Times Square. Immensely positive audience reactions to his shows in Asia, Europe and Africa have brought "The Mentalizer" back to the U.S. for a stunning climax to conclude 2012.

The show will take place in the celebrated off-Broadway venue, New World Stages, for a crowd of only 500. Segev's return to New York City will not only symbolize the ultimate platform to demonstrate his highly respected and publicized craft, but also a key opportunity to spread his gift to others. "How to be a Mentalist" will highlight Segev's phenomenal ability to observe and analyze human behavior while taking the audience on a "behind the scenes" journey into the secrets he uses as one of the world's greatest mentalists.

Segev thinks the conclusion of the tour "will showcase how 'magic' continues to live on in a very real form". He continues, that "Although I will not reveal my entire arsenal of mind tricks, audiences will walk away knowing how to perform some amazing feats of the mind themselves." Segev will intimately guide audiences to read facial gestures for lie detection, understand memory recollection vs. "imagination", utilize mnemonic techniques and even experience mind control techniques.

With shows like CBS's "The Mentalist" continuing to grow in popularity, Segev hopes to embrace audiences and provide them with a unique experience that not only demonstrates seemingly "psychic" abilities, like the ones seen on the television show, but actual highly developed senses and intuition.

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