Denzel Washington to Star in MAGIFICENT SEVEN Remake?

Denzel Washington to Star in MAGIFICENT SEVEN Remake? reports that Denzel Washington may sign on to lead the cast of a reboot of the cclassic THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN from directorAntoine Fuqua.

According to the report, MGM offered the "Magnificent Seven" Fuqua the opportunity to helm the project last week and according to Schmoes Know, he has not only accepted the gig, but has also made an offer to Denzel Washington for the lead role.

A final version of the script has most likely been written, after 'The Blind Side's John Lee Hancock took over for original scribe Nic Pizzolatto.

Washington is known for his portrayals of real-life figures such as Steve Biko, Malcolm X, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter,Melvin B. Tolson, Frank Lucas, and Herman Boone. He is a featured actor in the films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and was a frequent collaborator of the late director Tony Scott.

The actor has received two Golden Globe awards and a Tony Award, and two Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actor for Glory (1989) andBest Actor for Training Day (2001). He most recently appeared on Broadway in a revival of 'A Raisin in the Sun.'