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Cooking Channel Announces September 2014 Highlights

This fall, Mo Rocca continues his culinary quest on My Grandmother's Ravioli, while diving deep into culinary trends in new special, Trending Bites, premiering Sunday, September 7th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT. On Monday, September 8th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT, entrepreneur and restaurateur Robert Earl goes behind the velvet rope to share the best-of-the best dining secrets and destinations in new series Robert Earl's Be My Guest. Next, the competition heats up in Primetime with series MasterChef Canada premiering Tuesday, September 9th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT, when home cooks compete in a series of challenges designed to put them to the ultimate test for the coveted title of MasterChef.

In daytime, host Lorraine Pascale shares clever tips to preparing quick, delicious meals for every occasion in Lorraine's Fast, Fresh and Easy Food on Saturday, September 13th at 11:30amET/8:30amPT, and things get seasonal and simple in The Kitchen with the premiere of Simply Laura on Saturday, September 27th at 2:30pmET/11:30amPT, hosted by web sensation Laura Vitale. Cooking Channel spices up the fall lineup all month long with new episodes of Best in Chow, Bite This with Nadia G, Carnival Eats, Chuck's Eat the Street and Donut Showdown. Plus, is the destination for recipes and meal ideas for the season.

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Best in Chow

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 3rd at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Wing Wars Vancouver"

Host Cris Nannarone travels to Vancouver, British Columbia to find out who has the best wings in the city. Will it be Moroccan Wings from Darby's Pub, the Jerk Chicken Wings from The Reef, or the Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings from Yaggers?

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 17th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Pizza Wars Toronto"

Host Cris Nannarone travels to Toronto, Ontario to find the best pizza in the city. Will it be the Via Mercanti from Pizzeria Via Mercanti, the 'Nduja from Pizzeria Libretto, or the Bianca Pizza from North of Brooklyn?

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 24th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Lasagna Wars Toronto"

Host Cris Nannarone travels to Toronto, Ontario to find the best lasagna in the city. Will it be the Vegetarian Lasagna from Mela Cafe, the Timballo from La Cascina Ristorante, or the Lasagna from 7 Numbers?

Online, check out the country's best pizza, burgers, tacos and more at and tweet at #BestInChow.

Bite This with Nadia G

  • Premiering Monday, September 1st at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Louisville"

Nadia G heads to Louisville where "farm to table" is not just a trend, it is a lifestyle. First up, Nadia samples smoked pork shoulder with an Asian-inspired Black BBQ Sauce at Milkwood. Then, Nadia heads to Harvest to try a Kentucky Burgoo; a meaty stew traditionally made with squirrel. She finishes her trip at Eiderdown, where Nadia shkoffs spaetzle, a classic German dish that is given a Southern twist. Panos visits Harvest's farm and talks burgoo, the Spice Agent reports on secret ingredients and Hans shares the 411 on spaetzle.

  • Premiering Monday, September 8th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Nashville"

Nadia and the boys are shkoffing some of America's best grub in Nashville! They try a farm-to-table roast beef sandwich with horseradish cream at Capitol Grille. Then it is time for Nadia to test her heat tolerance with Hattie B's "Damn Hot" Chicken! Lastly, Nadia gets down and dirty at Peg Leg Porker with Tennessee dry-rub BBQ ribs and a side of dirty BBQ nachos. Panos reports on raising beef, the Spice Agent gets freaked by ghost peppers, and Hans informs on Tennessee whiskey.

  • Premiering Monday, September 15th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Phoenix"

Nadia G and her crew are in Phoenix and the heat is on! First up, Nadia samples a bratwurst-stuffed pretzel at Short Leash Sit Stay. Then she heads over to Eddie's House where Nadia G digs into a dirty deep-fried, mashed-potato-wrapped sirloin steak. Last but not least, Miss G heads to Richardson's for some serious carbs: Pasta Heidi: a tortilla piled high with a Southwest-style linguine and chicken. Panos yaps about sirloin, the Spice Agent delivers us a contentious pepper report, and Hans gets the goods on sauerkraut.

  • Premiering Monday, September 29th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Palm Springs"

This trip, Nadia G and the gang head to Hollywood's playground: Palm Springs. First up is King's Highway at the Ace Hotel, where she shkoffs Green Eggs and Ham. Then Nadia visits Workshop Kitchen and Bar where she discovers impeccable Duck Confit Cannelloni. For a sweet treat she heads over to Rainbow Cupcakes for a 'Nachos Del Rey' cupcake loaded with chipotle buttercream and cheddar cheese ganache!

Online, check out web-exclusive video of Nadia G's favorite things about Los Angeles and her favorite food fads. Follow the journey on Twitter #BiteThis.

Carnival Eats

  • Premiering Monday, September 1st at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Oak Mountain Spring State Fair/Apache Rattlesnake Festival"

On this episode, Noah Cappe travels to Oklahoma for the Apache Rattlesnake Festival where he bravely samples the deep fried rattlesnake, Texas twister fries and the spicy mexi-dog. Later, Noah takes in the treats at Alabama's Oak Mountain Spring Fair where he enjoys Dre's barbeque baked potato, cheese-stuffed grilled pork balls, jambalaya stuffed peppers and deep fried bread pudding.

  • Premiering Monday, September 8th at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Portland Rose Festival & Got to be NC Festival"

Noah Cappe heads to North Carolina for the Got to Be NC Festival for cinnamon roll waffles topped with local pecans and Donut Sloppy Joes. Then it is across the country for the Portland Rose Festival, where Noah devours smoked macaroni and cheese, classic American apple pie fries and beef tongue tacos.

  • Premiering Monday, September 15th at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Meadowlands State Fair/Gardendale Magnolia Festival"

Noah Cappe jets into State Fair Meadowlands to check out the Cream Cheese Larvets. He also indulges in the Pig in Mud - chocolate covered, deep fried bacon. Next, it is down south to Alabama, where local vendor Big Daddy's BBQ ribs are The Talk of the fair. Finally, Noah samples the sweet potato pie ice cream churned in a tractor that leaves him screaming for more!

  • Premiering Monday, September 22nd at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "California State Fair/North East Fair "

In North East Pennsylvania, Noah Cappe eats a peanut butter and banana sandwich, and checks out a chicken-stuffed pretzel. Next, he heads across the country to the California State Fair with the best fresh produce the state has to offer. Noah learns how to transform fresh fruits and vegetables into Spaghetti Ice Cream. Noah also enjoys famous lobster corn dogs and gets the crowd to sample some of the freshest seafood on the West Coast.

Online, flip through photos of the world's most insane edible carnival creations. Get on the ride with #CarnivalEats and #IdFryThat

Chuck's Eat the Street

  • Premiering Thursday, September 4th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Mountain State Surprise"

Chuck explores Lewisburg, West Virginia's main drag, a stretch of U.S. Route 60 known as Washington Street. His first stop is at Stella's Tea House where he digs in to Chef Samantha Hall's delectable sticky toffee pudding. Next, he visits historic landmark Greenbriar Resort, home to golf, falconry, skeet shooting, nine restaurants, and Chef Bryan Skelding, who prepares a 14 ounce veal chop with cheddar grits and fresh veggies. At The Bakery, Sandy Carter makes a jalapeno bagel that rivals any bagel from New York or Montreal. Then, Chuck stops by the Livery where chef Michel Neutlings prepares an Appalachian-style dish with roasted quail, wild rice, apples, and fig; delicious comfort food for a road trip through the West Virginia mountains.

  • Premiering Thursday, September 11th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Vancouver Cool"

Robson Street in Vancouver is the epicenter of fashion, sidewalk society, and a lot of really good food. Chuck's first stop is at Forage, where Chef Chris Whittaker features fresh, local seafood, like British Columbia's chum salmon. Next, Chuck ventures into an izakaya, a Japanese pub with a killer kitchen called Hapa, where Chef Tomoki Yamasaki shows Chuck how to prepare spicy pork ishi-yaki. Next, Chef Ned Bell of restaurant Yew takes Chuck fishing for spot prawns, which are only available for a few weeks every year. They use the succulent pink prawns to make a lightly pickled ceviche right on the boat dock. No trip to Vancouver would be complete without a stop at Japadog, where North American and Asian food collides with a delicious bang.

  • Premiering Thursday, September 18th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "A Canadian Goes Cajun"

In Lafayette, Louisiana in Cajun Country, tradition runs deep, but Chuck visits chefs both young and old who are spicing it up with new points of view. At Jolie's Louisiana Bistro, Chef Greg Doucet fries up fish heads and teaches Chuck about the difference between Creole and Cajun heritage. Deli by day, restaurant by night, Bread & Circus Provisions is where Chef Manny Augello's mad charcuterie skills lead Chuck to chow down a bowl of ramen with miso broth, pork rib, and pickled quail egg. At Cafe Vermilionville, Chef Pat Waters revives a school lunch classic by elevating the ingredients. Last, Chuck goes mudbugging for real, live crawdads. Jeff Hernandez and his crew at Krazy Klaws teach Chuck how to wash, boil, season and eat the little critters for a true taste of Lafayette.

Online, watch web-exclusive video featuring Chuck's favorite Vietnamese coffee in Austin, Mexican hot chocolate in Houston and more. Tweet at #EatTheStreet.

Compete to Eat

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 3rd at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Fig vs. Fig"

Chefs Jo Lusted and Aldo Lanzillotta create three-course meals in home kitchens using only what they find on hand. Both houses have figs, but the chefs use them entirely differently.

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 10th at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Brotherly Love"

Chefs Jo Lusted and Aldo Lanzillotta create three-course meals using only what they can find already stocked in a home kitchen. Jo decides comfort food is the way to go to beat Aldo's fancy crab croquettes.

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 17th at 10:30pmET/7:30pmPT - "Sibling Rivalry"

Chefs Jo Lusted and Aldo Lanzillotta team up with siblings who live next door to one another to create three-course meals using only the ingredients on hand. Neighbors and friends will choose the winners in this culinary showdown.

Online, check out the three-course meals that can be created with sparse ingredients found in the pantry. Get in on the action at #CompeteToEat

Donut Showdown

  • Premiering Friday, September 5th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Hollywood"

A fun-loving pastry chef from Montreal, a U.S. Army Officer from Atlanta and a pastry scion from Oakland, California compete in a speedy elimination round with cheese puffs as the mystery ingredient. The last two standing compete for $10,000 in a Hollywood-themedDonut Showdown.

  • Premiering Friday, September 12th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Royalty"

An executive pastry chef from Atlanta, a punk princess from Albuquerque, New Mexico and an experimental restaurant owner from Cayuga, Ontario compete in a speedy elimination round with chocolate-covered peppermint patties as the mystery ingredient. The last two standing compete for $10,000 in a showdown fit for royalty.

  • Premiering Friday, September 19th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmPT - "Shipwrecked"

An artisanal foodie from Toronto, a donut-maker's mum from Charleston, South Carolina and the owner of a cop-themed shop from Clare, Michigan compete in a speedy elimination round with candy apples as the mystery ingredient. Only one contestant will not go down with the ship in a shipwreck-themed Donut Showdown.

Online, watch web-exclusive video of the judges dishing on the best donut they ever ate and find out what makes a great donut on Join the sprinkled and powdered sugar-covered conversation at #DonutShowdown.

Eat St.

  • Premiering Thursday, September 4th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT - "B-Egging for More"

Host James Cunningham rolls into Toronto, Ontario to sample the Urban Smoke truck, San Francisco for the Old World Truck, Quebec for the Chaud Dogs truck and finally into Columbus, Ohio for The Coop trailer.

  • Premiering Thursday, September 11th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT - "A Side of Groovy"

Host James Cunningham indulges in gourmet street food in San Francisco at the Cosmic American Voodoo Van, in Columbus, Ohio at the Ajumama truck, in Ontario at the Karma Chameleon, and finally in Austin, Texas at the Biscuits and Groovy Trailer.

  • Premiering Thursday, September 18th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT - "Pretty Thai for a White Guy"

Host James Cunningham is curbside cruising in Montreal with the Super Truck, Austin, Texas with the Pretty Thai for a White Guy bus, New Orleans with the Taceaux Loceaux truck, and finally Toronto with the Curbside Bliss Cupcakes truck.

Online, find a nearby food truck with's map of trucks from the show. Tweet at #EatSt.

Lorraine's Fast, Fresh and Easy Food - Premiering Saturday, September 13th at 11:30amET/8:30amPT

Host Lorraine Pascale shows us clever recipes, culinary trade secrets and invaluable kitchen shortcuts. She is on a mission to show us fast and easy ways to make fresh food for every occasion.

  • Premiering Saturday, September 13th at 11:30amET/8:30amPT - "Easy Entertaining" -

Lorraine shares recipes that are perfect for a host of occasions, from an impromptu dinner with friends to fresh and fun party food. She prepares Lemoncello Jello Shots, a good old-fashioned burger with all the trimmings and a mouth-watering Mango, Feta and Avocado Salad. Lorraine divulges the secret of baking bread quickly with her easy take on soda bread with Aussie Damper Bread. She shows just how simple her tasty Tin Foil Thai Troutis to prepare, and finishes with her impressive Crouching Tiger, Hidden Zebra Cake.

  • Premiering Saturday, September 20th at 11:30amET/8:30amPT - "Comfort Food"

Lorraine is dishing up comforting recipes that bring on the smiles. She dishes up a breakfast of Ginger Bread Pancakes with Parma Ham and Maple Syrup. She then takes comfort to the next level with Prawn Linguine with Chorizo and Cabernet Tomato Sauce, a soft and satisfying Butternut and Sweet Potato Lasagna and tangy Sweet and Sour Pork Balls with Crunchy Peanut Rice. For simple, sweet treats she whips up Shortcut Cookiesand Cream Lollipops, along with indulgent Chocolate Mousse with Raspberries.Then,Lorraine meets another inspirational street food vendor who is putting a modern spin on traditional Caribbean cooking.

  • Premiering Saturday, September 27th at 11:30amET/8:30amPT - "Simple Classics"

Lorraine prepares simple and classic recipes that have stood the test of time. From a twist on an Italian favorite, she makes Salmon Saltimbocca with Gremolata Potatoes and Crispy Sage Leaves and Pan-Fried Mascarpone Gnocchi with dreamy Basil Pesto. Lorraine also creates irresistible Port-Preserved Cherries with Cinnamon and Orange, warm Bramley Apple Pies, delicious Twister Bread and puts her own twist on a traditional roast: whole roast Perky Peri Peri Chicken. She finishes off the delicious meal with something sweet, simple and classic: Eton Mess with Blackberries and Stem Ginger Whipped Cream.

Online, find Lorraine's clever and simple weeknight recipes and follow the fun at#FastFreshandEasy

Luke Nguyen's France

  • Premiering Saturday, September 6th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT - "Nice"

Luke Nguyen explores Nice on the southeast coast of France, taking in its warm, Mediterranean climate, beautiful Italian-French classical architecture and some of the finest cuisine in France.

  • Premiering Saturday, September 13th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT - "Biarritz"

Luke Nguyen explores France's southwest, sampling Basque delicacies in Biarritz and oysters on the island of D'Oleron.

  • Premiering Saturday, September 20th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT - "Loire Valley"

Luke Nguyen continues his journey around the oyster island of D'Oleron before exploring the food traditions of the Loire Valley.

  • Premiering Saturday, September 27th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT - "St. Malo"

Luke Nguyen experiences life and food on the Loire River before finishing his culinary journey through France in the seaside town of St. Malo.

MasterChef Canada - Premiering Tuesday, September 9th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT

Home cooks from all over Canada have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete for the title of Canada's first-ever MasterChef. Thousands applied but only the best were flown to audition before the three judges, hoping to impress enough to earn a coveted place in the blistering MasterChef Canada kitchen. The trio of judges, Michael Bonacini, Claudio Aprile, and Alvin Leung will take the amateurs on a journey form home cook to haute cuisine. Canada's best home cooks are tested as they face a series of dramatic challenges designed to test their palates, food knowledge, passion and culinary skills. As they're whittled down, the pressure will increase. A single misstep could turn the entire competition around, making or breaking a home cook's chance of becoming the first-ever Canadian MasterChef.

  • Premiering Tuesday, September 9th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT - "White is the New Black" - SERIES PREMIERE!

From thousands of applicants across Canada, the top 50 home cooks begin their quest to become the first-ever Canadian MasterChef. Competing for $100,000 and the MasterChef Canada trophy, each home cook must present their signature dish to esteemed judgesMichael Bonacini, Claudio Aprile, and Alvin Leung. Only those with the most impressive dishes will be given a coveted MasterChef apron, and the opportunity to move forward in the competition.

  • Premiering Tuesday, September 9th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT - "Chicken Little"

Auditions for the top 50 home cooks reach a dramatic conclusion as the final aprons are handed out. The home cooks enter their first challenge, a Stress Test, where they must prepare a stunning chicken dish with only one pan and one burner. After a dramatic round of tasting, the judges choose the home cooks who have earned a place in the Masterchef Canada kitchen.

  • Premiering Tuesday, September 16th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT - "First Kick at the Box"

The home cooks enter the Masterchef Canada kitchen and face their first Mystery Box Challenge. Peanut Butter sends them in both sweet and savory directions. The winner of the Mystery Box gets a huge advantage in the Elimination Challenge, choosing between the judges' favorite ingredients from Canada's land, sea, and air. A shocking elimination reminds the home cooks that they are only as good as their last dish.

  • Premiering Tuesday, September 23rd at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT - "The Puck Drops Here"

The home cooks arrive at the Air Canada Centre to discover that their very first team challenge involves making a power-packed training lunch for the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey players, and Leafs alumni! Tensions run high as both teams scramble to avoid the dreaded Pressure Test. Back in the Masterchef Canada kitchen a challenging pasta dish will send at least one of them home.

  • Premiering Tuesday, September 30th at 9:00pmET/6:00pmPT - "Where's the Beef"

The home cooks face their second Mystery Box Challenge, and this time, victory requires creativity and elbow-grease. Working with a hand crank meat grinder and an extraordinary selection of fresh protein: bison, lamb, turkey, kangaroo they must make the perfect gourmet burger. Then in the Elimination Challenge the home cooks are given the choice to cook with one of three uniquely Canadian ingredients, each paired with the most Canadian of beverages: beer!

My Grandmother's Ravioli

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 3rd at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT - "Mo's Triple Quinceanera"

Mo meets Olga Gonzalez, 57, of San Mateo, California, who is quite a live wire with an infectious laugh. Olga teaches Mo how to make delicious chicken enchiladas, while her husband Carlos shows Mo a few tips and tricks for making a great margarita, culminating in a Mexican fiesta.

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 10th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT - "Jersey Nurse Story"

Mo feels Extra safe in The Kitchen because this time he meets nurses Sally Starin, 70, and June Ploch, 68, in Montclair, New Jersey. Sally, the head cook of the household, shows Mo how to make a delectable roast chicken with a three-nut stuffing and a colorful side dish of vegetable hash. June supervises the frosting of a yummy marble cake.

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 17th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT - "It's Gumbo Dammit!"

Clida Ellison, 76, may live in Detroit, Michigan, but this southern transplant prefers to cook the dishes she grew up with in her native town of Natchitoches, Louisiana. Mo learns how to make Clida's favorite Creole dishes: gumbo, pralines and stuffed crab.

  • Premiering Wednesday, September 24th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT - "A Palazzo, A Parmigiana and Forty Pups"

Mo has not met anyone quite like Michele Riggi! Michele and her husband Ron built a 20,000 square foot Castle made of stone on the main drag of Saratoga Springs, New York. "Palazzo Riggi" is complete with a giant pool, a Balinese Spa, eleven bathrooms, a movie theater and bowling alley. Oh yeah, and her forty beloved dogs with names like Andy Panda, Coco Chanel, and Vicente Fox. Michele is also a great cook and shows Mo how to make a delectable eggplant parmigiana and something special for the dogs too.

Online, watch web-exclusive deleted scenes of Mo and the grandparents. Tweet at #Ravioli and #GrandmasRule.

Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: London

  • Premiering Saturday, September 6th at 11:00amET/8:00amPT - "DIY"

London is packed with chain stores and the mass-produced, but for Rachel it is the individual quirky and homespun that catches her attention and she finds the DIY craze is alive and well amongst London's young food producers. She visits Ole, who has turned the basement of his north London home into a Norwegian style smokehouse for salmon, and Lillie, a shopkeeper whose shelves are lined with bespoke preserves; all produced by hand. Back in her own kitchen, Rachel gives a cheat's guide to smoked fish; finds delicious success in salting her own beef and takes home-baking to new heights with Spiced Strawberries and Cream Cake.

  • Premiering Saturday, September 13th at 11:00amET/8:00amPT - "The Pleasure's All Mine"

Rachel is pleasure seeking with a decadent champagne afternoon tea in Mayfair with her girlfriends. Then, she goes behind the counter to discover the secrets of a proper fish and chip shop. Indulgence is the order of the day in her kitchen too, with some finger-licking good ribs, a modern twist on the traditional treat of fish and chips with her 'Snap, Crackle and Pop' Fish with Mint Mushy Peas, and her own take on a bake for afternoon tea.

Online, find Rachel's best recipes, take a peek at her notebook and watch an exclusive interview. Follow the tour with #RachelKhooLondon.

Robert Earl's Be My Guest - Premiering Monday, September 8th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT

Entrepreneur and restaurateur Robert Earl is a man on a culinary quest. Come along for the ride as Robert experiences new delicious finds at four star restaurants, food trucks and other hidden food gems. He shares all his best secrets so you, as his personal guest, can have the ultimate dining experience. Robert's infectious personality and love of food will invigorate a passion for food that you never knew you had!

  • Premiering Monday, September 8th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT - "Keep on Truckin'"- SERIES PREMIERE!

Host Robert Earl, known for taking us to the very best of the best restaurants, shows us great dining experiences that come to us! In Los Angeles, a city known for being mobile, food trucks are plentiful and offer the most eclectic mix of cuisine rivaling many established brick and mortar locations. Featured trucks in the episode include The Grilled Cheese Truck, the Wise Barbecue Co. truck, New York's Schmuck with a Truck, and the Good Greek Grub truck.

  • Premiering Monday, September 15th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT "Steak Houses of Las Vegas'

Join host Robert Earl as he invites you to be his guest on a tour of the most popular steakhouses in Las Vegas including Old Homestead, Gordon Ramsay Steak, Strip House, as well as steakhouse chain, Ruth's Chris. Special guests include: Robin Leach, Holly Madisonand Chef Carla Pellegrino.

  • Premiering Monday, September 22nd at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT -"Buffet Bonanza"

Host Robert Earl takes us on a tour of his favorite buffets and shows us how to select only the best items while leaving out the filler. Favorite buffets featured in the episode include Caesars Palace, the five regions of France at Le Village Buffet at the Paris Hotel, and a breakfast you will never forget at the Rio. He'll also share his favorite spot for the best cupcakes!

  • Premiering Monday, September 29th at 12:00pmET/9:00amPT -"LA Hot Spots"

Host Robert Earl gives viewers VIP access to the places at which many can't even get a reservation unless you're part of the 'in crowd.' Be Robert's guest as he goes behind the scenes to Mr. Chow's for a taste of their award-winning Peking duck, visits Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Vanderpump's Villa Blanca for a paella wonder, and stops by Koi restaurant to learn how to make branzino.

Simply Laura

  • Premiering Saturday, September 27th at 2:30pmET/11:30amPT - SERIES PREMIERE!

Web sensation and online super star Laura Vitale brings her take on American mealtimes to television. Although Laura's roots are in Italian food she is first and foremost an all American girl. With an emphasis on seasonal and simple, Laura's blend of easy but enticing recipes and girl next-door charm will make for meals that America will adore. It's Simply Laura!

Stand Up To Cancer

  • Premiering Friday, September 5th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmPT

Stand Up To Cancer returns to Primetime television on Friday, September 5th at 8 pm ET/5pm PT. Returning Executive Producers, Emmy®-winning producer Joel Gallen and Oscar®-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow, will deliver a one-of-a-kind show featuring performances from top recording artists and celebrities from film and television, engaging viewers with powerful stories of remarkable progress being made by Stand Up To Cancer-funded research.

Trending Bites

  • Premiering Sunday, September 7th at 8:00pmET/5:00pmET - SPECIAL!

Culinary trends are always changing, and Trending Bites takes a look at what is dominating the scene right now. Host Mo Rocca will give us an inside look at the chefs and businesses that are revolutionizing the food industry.


Simple Cooking

From foolproof chicken to no-fail white rice, get our tips on perfecting the dishes everyone needs to know how to make.

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