Amanda Seyfried May Join Seth MacFarlane for A MILLION WAYS TO DIE

Amanda Seyfried May Join Seth MacFarlane for A MILLION WAYS TO DIEAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, LES MISERABLES star Amanda Seyfried is in talks to join Seth MacFarlane and Charlize Theron in A MILLION WAYS TO DIE.

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MacFarlane and 'Ted' co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild have written the script for a live-action film to be titled A MILLION WAYS TO DIE IN THE WEST. MacFarlane will also direct for Media Rights Capital.

The movie is being described as a "Blazing Saddles-style movie... a Western with contemporary humor, with one undercurrent being just how dangerous and painful life really was in the late 1800s."

MacFarlane's 'Ted' was one of the surprise hits of the summer, earning over $500 million globally, a huge take considering it took only $50 million to produce. A sequel to the film is already in development.

Along with his job as co-creator and voice provider for FOX's hit animated series 'Family Guy',
MacFarlane is set to host the Oscars this month. He recently served as host of NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' this season.

Seyfried has recently appeared in Tom Hooper's big-screen adaptation of LES MISERABLES, and will next be seen in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic, aptly titled LOVELACE.