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"Evenly mixed gender four-piece weirdo outfit from Sydney. Pretty bizarre, even for Aussie standards, this reminds me of one of those weird-scuzz bands Rich from Florida's Dying always picks up - like Hungry Gayze or Chill City Cop Pillars or Jeanie & The Tits. Three songs on the A-Side, "Flesh Thing" is some sort of synthy spaghetti-western theme which they chant over, like a really goopy Black Lips with a dark Sixties touch. "Sordid" is out-of-tune DIY with a great phaser solo, like a really stoned Pheromoans or even a bratty Country Teasers. "Kid" sinks even deeper into the slime, a dank and moldy slo-mo traipse through a cavern of sludgy bass with a backing track of insects buzzing around your head. Wow. That's quite an A-Side. On the B-Side they write a couple longer tunes and their posture gets a little better as well. Not so much slinking around, as "The River" could be an early TV Ghost track, with guitars so reverbed they just sound like springs and a complete mindbender breakdown/turnaround. Maybe a theremin? Where'd that spy guitar come from? The young man babbles like an imp while the girls shriek like the young brats I imagine they are. "Border Town" is haunted garage with a spectral background noise behind the dirge-tempoed plod. Sounds like the gals got locked in the echo chamber and can't find their way out. A pretty stunningly fucked and out of nowhere record. The closest Aussie band I could pair them with is maybe Straight Arrows on bad shrooms, and Owen recorded this thing, so there. I really like this a lot, it's dark, punk and young sounding. Please ignore the "humor" of the EP title and label, this is seriously good." -Terminal Boredom 27/08/12

"Two dudes and two gals who break out smeared mascara and chipped black nail polish rock. It all sounds kind of feral. The music that a Hollywood production company would use for the soundtrack of an apocalyptic film shot in Marrickville. 'Sordid' has a pulsating and droney vocal chant/mumble while 'Kid' is ominous and decrepit basement dirge. Good live band too. Check them out if you get a chance." -Mess+Noise 08/05/12

"This is music suitable for spiraling down a filthy abyss into a pit of swaggering 40-year-old rock-stars shooting heroin between their toes. Traveling into a hopeless future where zombies are eating the vaginal scabs of your loved ones, getting spat on by a diseased junkie is the least of your worries and a quiet night in is when you only need to put down one of your malnourished offspring after the horse rabies finally leaks into their frontal lobe." -Polariods of Androids 24/11/11

“Their tunes were droney and pulsating with a steady, driving rhythm; they could be one of the great up-and-comers – it’d be great to hear some more from them.” -The Brag 16/07/11

"Lincoln (vocalist/guitarist) was checking his phone and mumbling into the mic, showing little respect to himself or his band and those who gave them the opportunity." -Loud Mag 09/10/11

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