BIO: Tanlines are an electronic and indie rock duo from Brooklyn, NY composed of percussionist Jesse Cohen and guitarist/vocalist Eric Emm. Their influence is drawn from various genres including pop, indie... (read more...)

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7/18 @ 6:24 AM
tanlines - Republicans have decided to deploy the Unclear Option on healthcare https://t.co/2UdFtNOAET
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6/27 @ 11:05 AM
tanlines - You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about Story: https://t.co/YZD9yHzR8A https://t.co/oTwczqofwt
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6/21 @ 9:07 AM
tanlines - I have @wearephoenix on my podcast this week, and it is a hilarious and insightful convo with a great band. Listen! https://t.co/dequOpqdi0
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