THE TOTALLY TUBULAR TIME MACHINE Set for the Culture Club on Saturdays

THE TOTALLY TUBULAR TIME MACHINE Set for the Culture Club on Saturdays

Ever wanted to go back in time? Now's your chance! Get on board THE TOTALLY TUBULAR TIME MACHINE - NYC's only interactive, inter-galactic, pop music experience! TTTM is a reality based pop musical that allows you to time travel and party up-close and personal with a cast of "celebrity pop stars" (past and present) performing your favorite hits live. Madonna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and more! It's Back to the Future meets the MTV Music Awards, and you're the star in this totally immersive, radical mash-up of pop music from the 80s, 90s and today!

TTTM is to nightlife what TMZ is to celebrity gossip. Experience all the celebrity news that's fit to print and some that's not. It's a trip!

TTTM gets you passed the velvet ropes and inside the very heart of celebrity gossip. After you step out of the time machine you'll witness the unfolding of Hollywood rumors that still make headlines. Ask Britney why she shaved her head or watch Madonna and Lady Gaga discussing whether or not the beat to 'Express Yourself' was stolen. Maybe you'll want to ask Justin Bieber about why he and Selena broke up, or maybe, just start a rumor yourself! It's a chance to experience celebrity culture in a way that's usually only ever seen in the tabloids.

"Your not just at the party, you are the party," says Watman. "It's the ultimate interactive pop music experience because anything can happen between you and stars like Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Ginger Spice, Vanilla Ice, Katy Perry, JLo and Puffy, too. Envision a Madam Tussaud's that comes to life."

Robert Watman (Producer, Co-Creator) is the CEO of the 1970s and 1980s themed clubs Polly Esther's and Culture Club. Polly Esther's and Culture Club were among the largest nightclub chains in the United States and every weekend transported 50,000 people back to the 1970s and 1980s.

Watman, whose extensive experience within the nightlife industry is internationally known, teams up with the co-creators of the long running hit show Birdy's Bachelorette Party, Denise Fennell and Suzanna Melendez who both have over 20 years of experience in performing and staging the nations top interactive shows.

TOTALLY TUBULAR TIME MACHINE features Direction by Suzanna Melendez; Musical Direction by Lynn Portas; Set Design by Lauren Helpern; Costume Design by Sarah Cogan; Choreography by DanceMolinari NYC/LA; Lighting Design by Traci Klainer Polimeni; Music Design and Arrangement by Terry Fabrizio; Sound Engineering by Sound Solutions and Production Management by Concetta Rose Rella.

Performances of TOTALLY TUBULAR TIME MACHINE are every Saturday at 8PM.