Ron Gallo to Perform at This Weekend's Bonnaroo

Ron Gallo to Perform at This Weekend's Bonnaroo

Nashville-via-Philly guitar-wielding maniac Ron Gallo brings his volatile live performance to this weekend's Bonnaroo on Saturday, June 11, playing the "New Music on Tap" Club Stage at 9:30-10:15pm. This hardworking newcomer, who also runs his own label American Diamond Recordings, is about to blow up, deservedly. Listen to the RG3 EP

With a clear yet strange brew of musical influences ranging from The Stooges, Lou Reed, Richard Hell and Ty Segall, to vocal icons Jeff Buckley and Edith Piaf, Ron Gallo and his live band are the garage rock trifecta, offering a unique take on 70s-80s punk with fearless wide-range vocals, adroit yet primal guitar lines, in-your-face audience interaction, and driving bass grooves, bringing the traditionally simplistic garage-rock genre to a new level of composition. Topped off with his personal brand of wit and humor, Ron Gallo creates a live performance unmatched in today's musical climate.

With lyrical wit fueled by his discontent with the mundane and self-medicated state of the world, Gallo's music serves as an outlet for his cynicism and shifts focus onto what lies beyond the ideologies of the mainstream. Gallo sings aggressively yet with prowess about the things you're too afraid to say out loud. Like the motto of his own label, "ROCK AND ROLL ISN'T DEAD. YOU ARE."

The former frontman of Philadelphia based rock and roll band Toy Soldiers, Gallo has gone through the return of Saturn and the wringer of life over the last couple of years and has come out the other side a person that dances where the infuriated rock and roll fighter-of-the-good-fight and the discontent clear-headed jokester hang out. Like some big-haired spiritual punk raised in the 90s, Gallo is well-informed of the 20th century roots of American music and obsessed with the NOW in a time where people are drugged by distraction and mediocrity. On Gallo's second solo record, HEAVY META (out later this year), he tackles the heavier topics and dark experiences he lived through during these transformative years.

Gallo does not enjoy sitting still, so has spent a good portion of the last few years and will spend the foreseeable future on the road backed by drums and bass coming to a hole in the wall, rock club, backyard, theater, basement, Hardee's, Sleepy's Mattress Store, or arena near you. He released a sampling of the new record in the form of the RG3 EP in April 2016. Gallo has appeared at CMJ and SXSW and has received praise from renowned publications such as The FADER, Under the Radar, BrooklynVegan, among others. His show at this year's Bonnaroo will not be one to miss.