Emmy Rossum's CD 'Inside Out' Released Oct.23

Emmy Rossum best known for her acting roles in The Phantom of the Opera and Mystic River, will release debut album, "Inside Out" on October 23.

"Despite her being known primarily as an actress, music has always played a major role in Emmy Rossum's life. When she was seven years old, she was singing with the Metropolitan Opera, and by the time she was a teenager, she had auditioned, and won, the part of Christine in the film version of The Phantom of the Opera, for which she received a Golden Globe nomination," explain press notes.

Rossum's music career began with a three song digital bundle released exclusively to iTunes in late July reached #2 on the digital stores pop chart and #8 on its overall chart the week of release.

Rossum recorded her album with producer Stuart Brawley, with whom she co-wrote all of the songs, and it represents a showcase for her remarkable vocal range. The first single "Slow Me Down" incorporates more than 150 different vocal parts and harmonies, each one sung by Emmy herself. And a video for the song was directed by the esteemed Thomas Kloss.

Fans will be able to see Emmy perform live on October 25 when the New York native travels back home to make her first nationally televised performance for "Slow Me Down," on Good Morning America. And recently the young chanteuse was picked by Perez Hilton to perform at his inaugural artist showcase Perez Hilton Presents.  For more information, to listen to song samples or to purchase the CD visit www.emmyrossum.com

Emmy fans can vote for her in the User's Choice category of Yahoo! Music's "Who's Next?" competition here: www.music.yahoo.com/promotions/whosnext