Clara Casey Unveils A Dreamy Physical Release

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Growing up sensitive and bullied, she conditioned herself to run away from emotions and relationships that felt real. But eventually there was nowhere else to go. It was time to be still and bravely address her struggles. Through strength and self-reflection, she began to blossom as an artist and a full person.

Today, Clara invites us into her world with a series of singles, including the recently released "Smile" and "Alone." Each track inhabits its own artistic sphere, brimming with richly emotive vocals, and nuanced and multilayered production. The tracks also showcase Clara's talents as a recording engineer, mixing engineer, and gifted photographer-many of her singles feature her stunning shutterbug work.

Clara's sensibility melds sensual electro soundscapes and deep bass with pop songcraft, dynamically expressive vocals, and emotionally raw lyrics that reveal bare truths. Clara has garnered favorable comparisons to James Blake, Adele, Portishead, and Amy Winehouse. Her lyrics reach under the hard shell of strength she's cultivated to share dark confessions and intimate struggles. Her searing vocals emote like a jazz singer, effortlessly shifting from rich low tones upward to soaring high tones.

Clara was born and raised in the Bronx on City Island. Both parents were musical but chose not to pursue the arts professionally. One of Clara's earliest memories is jamming with her father on his synthesizer. By age 9, she was writing songs on piano.

Music was always an outlet to express Clara's inner landscape, but despite her passion for it, and her prodigious gifts as a singer-songwriter, she opted not to study music in college. Retrospectively she admits that it was fear-based decision, acknowledging that she succumbed to her inner critic. It was during college, however, that she experienced a breakthrough. Hitting an emotional wall in light of her family's beloved patriarch, her grandfather, losing a battle to cancer, she decided to go to therapy.

Taking big steps emotionally paved a new path of independence for Clara. She broke down her preconceptions of helplessness and boldly began to seek adventure through traveling. First was a daring trip to South America, which inspired a series of emotionally raw unaccompanied and unreleased vocal songs, showcasing her prowess with crafting jeweled melodies. Next, she wanted to give her dreams the chance they deserved. She moved to London to study music production and sound engineering at Point Blank. The two years she spent overseas became the most formative for her.

Recently sharing her new video and single, "Physical," is out now:

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