THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME Stage Adaptation Developmental Lab Set For 2014! Auditions Announced & Dates Set

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME Stage Adaptation Developmental Lab Set For 2014! Auditions Announced & Dates Set

THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME Stage Adaptation Developmental Lab Set For 2014! Auditions Announced & Dates SetModern Disney animated classic THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME is on its way to the stage in a reworked adaptation of the film and Victor Hugo's iconic 1831 source novel set for a developmental lab in January according to a new casting notice. If all goes as planned, could Broadway be next?! That is, if the proposed tryout regional run goes well (as it certainly did for ALADDIN, which is on its way to Broadway now)?

Scott Schwartz is set to direct the HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME lab set for January 6 through 17, complete with the first presentation of a new book for the musical by Peter Parnell, outfitted with the songs from the 1996 film and 1999 original German stage adaptation by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. Auditions for the lab will be held next month.

The official breakdown of THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME developmental lab is as follows: "Disney Theatrical Productions is currently developing The Hunchback of Notre Dame into a new stage musical based on Victor Hugo's famous 1831 novel and the 1996 Disney animated feature. This is a reinvention of the 1999 German production Der Glockner von Notre Dame, with an eye toward a possible regional theatre production. This new approach to the material incorporates a "story theatre" style of dramatization in an intimate staging. The epic tale is set in late 15th century Paris. The Hunchback of Notre Dame investigates "what makes a monster and what makes a man." This musical features the Oscar nominated score by Alan Menken (music) and Stephen Schwartz (lyrics) with a new book by Peter Parnell."

Character breakdowns for Quasimodo, Frollo, Esmeralda, Phoebus and Clopin are also provided, as well: QUASIMODO
"20s, deformed and reclusive. Longs to see the outside world, but staunchly loyal to his master, Frollo. Possesses great vulnerability, but covers a deep well of pain and rage. This actor will be physically representing Quasimodo's deformity, much like in An Elephant Man. Therefore actors submitted for this role must be dexterous and flexible. Strong tenor. Range Bb 2 to C5."

"50s, Archdeacon of Notre Dame. A severe man who is convinced of his own goodness and
righteousness. He struggles with the conflict between the self denial required by his religious belief and his strong sexual desire for Esmerelda. This struggle ultimately drives him mad. Baritone with a rich lower register. Range: F2 to F4. For EPA audition, please sing a song featuring the lower part of range."

"20s, exquisitely beautiful, exotic and oozing with sexuality. A free-spirited gypsy who has often gotten into trouble for speaking her mind and standing up for what she believes in. Mezzo. Range E3 to Eb 5. For EPA audition, please sing contemporary pop theatre (not rock) song."

"30s, dashing captain of the Cathedral Guard. Leading man type who is conflicted between following his duty and doing what's right. Tenor. Range: C3 to A4."

"30s/40s, a great character man with flair. The King of the Gypsies. High tenor. C3 to Bb 4."

Of note, previously, James Lapine directed a gothic, hi-tech German-language premiere production of the first stage adaptation of the 1996 Disney film which ran in Berlin from 1999 until 2002.

Check out the official casting notice for Disney's THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME developmental lab here.

So, are you ready to venture "out there" with a new theatrical version of one of Disney's 20th century animated masterpieces live onstage some season soon?


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