NewFilmakers Announce THE TABLE & More at The Anthology Film Archives 2/22

NewFilmakers Announce THE TABLE & More at The Anthology Film Archives 2/22

The NewFilmmakers NY Series will screen at the Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side at 32 Second Avenue & 2nd Street on Feb 22. Tickets are $6 and available at the Anthology Box Office on the night of the screening.

The films will be:

6:00 PM Documentary Series

Bruce Bernstein TWO GROWN MEN 

Two middle aged playwrights attempt to radically speed up the writing process by creating a play from the transcript of their tape recorded conversations.

Ana Barredo THE TABLE  

For nearly 20 years, a group of tenacious individuals have been meeting every Thursday to discuss their strategies on breaking into the exclusive club known as Hollywood.

7:30 PM Short Film Program

Colemar Nichols SC&AH AKA FUNNY MAN

Sidney is a struggling stand-up comedian faces a make-or-break appearance on the most popular TV show in America, and has no material as well as a writer's block. 

Matt Davies UNTITLED #17 

A young film student explores 'cutting edge' forms of artistic & sexual expression.


How Hollywood Director's will go to the extreme to become famous and live their dreams even if it means selling their Soul.


Blindsided by the success of his comedy, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT, which swept the 1935 Oscars, director Frank Capra became crippled with fear. Convinced his next film would fail, he deteriorated to the brink of death--until the day a stranger appeared.

9:00 PM Feature Presentation


Joe Lombardi -- a twenty-something man-child -- wants nothing more than to break away from his mundane suburban life and job at a local New Jersey newspaper. His editor, Mr. Simon, promises Joe a promotion to a big-time New York City paper if he writes one last, home-run article -- on the Jersey Shore dating scene. But Joe hasn't been down there since he was a kid, with his now-estranged mother; and he has a general disdain for the Jersey Shore culture.  He reluctantly takes on the story and is writing about Danny, his best friend who believes that he can meet a wife in the clubs; Marc, a nerdy guy from high school who has now transformed himself into a club going, drug using, fornicator and Ashley, his boss's wild niece, who secretly aspires to a life as a fashion designer. Eventually, writing about these quirky characters opens Joe's eyes, forcing him to truly understand all that the area has to offer and making him re-evaluate his own life... and grow up.



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