Menken, Carnelia & Schwartz Team Up For 'Someone Wrote That Song'

Menken, Carnelia & Schwartz Team Up For 'Someone Wrote That Song'In a concerted effort to thwart the continued theft of illegally downloaded music, stolen sheet music and denial of royalties to artists, composers Alan Menken and Craig Carnelia have joined with Stephen Schwartz, Benj Pasek, Kait Kerrigan, Jeremy Levine and overseer Curtis Moore in contributing to the new music video "Someone Wrote That Song".

Composed by multi-Academy Award-winner Menken, with lyrics by Carnelia, produced by Moore, featuring vocals by Nick Blakemire and others, "Someone Wrote That Song" seeks to solve the all-too common 21st century problem of publishing theft and the ubiquity of covering another composers song without attributing and/or acquiring the appropriate credit to do so.

"Someone wrote that song / Before it could be played by someone / The songs we sing were made by someone", Muppet-life figures sing whilst surfing the web and watching YouTube in the newly-released music video.

The song finishes with the line, "And if you want that song / You buy it."

The posting on YouTube contains the following description: "As destructive and unfair to composers, lyricists and publishers as the illegal photocopying of sheet music has been over the years, the spread of free sheet music sites on the internet is threatening the very existence of professional publishing. In response to this threat, the Dramatists Guild formed the Anti-Piracy committee to combat the piracy of sheet music on the internet. The committee consists of Craig Carnelia, Andrew Lippa, Georgia Stitt, Stephen Flaherty, Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk."

View the view for "Someone Wrote That Song" below.


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