LES MISERABLES Hit Status Leading To WICKED Movie At Universal?

LES MISERABLES Hit Status Leading To WICKED Movie At Universal?The worldwide $380+ gross of the feature film adaptation of the international stage hit LES MISERABLES at the box office has put a movie musical take on the hit Oz-themed WICKED closer to becoming a reality.

In a recent interview, Universal chairman Adam Fogelson stated that the success of one has influenced the expediancy by which they will make the next major Universal movie musical.

The question remains: will it be WICKED?

Fogelson says that WICKED has been an unqualified smash success for Universal thus far in its stage iteration - "WICKED has been an enormous win for this company, " he says - but, the entire studio needs to stand behind the decision to proceed on a film version.

"The way it works, we should be in agreement together on when the right time to do this is," Fogelman adds.

He concludes that WICKED onscreen is something he would prefer happening in the near future. "But I will tell you I believe that we are collectively moving toward WICKED coming to the screen sooner rather than later."

Break out your broomsticks!

Furthermore, Universal could potentially have a hand in the rumored feature film adaptation of Cameron Mackintosh's other classic collaboration with Claude-Michel Schonberg and Alain Boulil, MISS SAIGON, should Mackintosh proceed to film that property in the coming year or so, as proposed months ago before LES MISERABLES opened, should it pass the $500 million mark. While it might fall slightly short of that lofty goal, it will be coming awfully close at this rate, all things considered - lest we forget, the DVD/Blu-ray hits in less than a month and the soundtrack is already an unqualified success, reaching #1 on iTunes (and a deluxe, 2-disc edition is on the way, as well), neither figure which is even accounted for in the total box office tally.

So, which movie musical would you rather see follows up LES MISERABLES at Universal?


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