INTO THE WOODS Rob Marshall Denies Re-Shoot Rumors; Explains Cut Sondheim Song & More Film Details!

INTO THE WOODS Rob Marshall Denies Re-Shoot Rumors; Explains Cut Sondheim Song & More Film Details!In a new interview with Entertainement Weekly, INTO THE WOODS director Rob Marshall opens up about the highly anticipated big screen adaptation of the Sondheim classic.

The director addressed earlier reports that Sondheim hinted the film would feature major changes to the original storyline, including the elimination of some of the most popular songs from the show's score.

"It's ironic that happened at all, because Steve's been part of every single step of this movie," says Marshall. "And the truth is, we've been incredibly faithful to the original." He adds, "I'm actually really impressed Disney's doing this film, because it's very brave. I don't feel we've watered it down in any way, shape, or form. We've just made it a film. But I never thought in terms of 'the Disney' of it all, ever. None of us did."

He also insists that fans need not be concerned that such scenes as the Baker's Wife's tryst and Rapunzel's untimely death will not be a part of the feature. "All of those things are in the film. 'Any Moment' is in the film...Rapunzel's end is still pretty dark, it's just a different kind of dark, and it's just as harrowing, and just as sad." He offers, "It's a very grown-up piece in many ways, and there's a lot of entertainment and a lot of fun to it, but it doesn't shy away from any of those adult themes at all."

One change that he does acknowledge deals with the song 'Ever After,' which serves to separate the two acts of the stage musical. For the film, the tune will only be heard in a new instrumental version. In addition, Marshall reveals that the second act of the play has been 'condensed and re-tooled for the film'.

While Streep's 'rap breakdown' will be heard during the prologue, no new songs will be included in Marshall's version. And while a duet between the Baker and his wife, titled "Rainbows," was indeed penned by Sondheim for an earlier aborted film version in the '90s, the director insists it was never intended to be in this particular movie.

Last November, Streep had revealed that the composer had written a new song specifically for her, however Marshall says that number had to ultimately be cut from the film. "It was beautiful and spectacular, but it was very clear, as good as the song was, that [the movie] was stronger without."

Marshall also denies reports that the production underwent reshoots as recently as last month. He affirms that no re-shoots took place, rather his team spent three additional days shooting new material that had been cut and re-added to the script following a screening by Disney. "We built this thing using the best parts of Into the Woods, which is so much of it. So much of it is there and make it work on film." The director promises, "It'll all be very clear when people see it. They'll understand, it's all there."

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