'DANCING SPIRITS', 'PULP', Short Films and More Set for Rooftop Screenings This Week

'DANCING SPIRITS', 'PULP', Short Films and More Set for Rooftop Screenings This Week

Rooftop's schedule is stacked to the max this week. Non-stop. Pedal-to-the-metal. Firing on all cylinders. You get it.

Tonight Rooftop is screening Charlie McDowell's debut feature THE ONE I LOVE, starring Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass. The whole gang, including McDowell and writer Justin Lader will be on hand to hang with the people and talk about this uniquely twisted pic that made waves at Sundance 2014.

On Wednesday, Rooftop heads to the beautiful Socrates Sculpture Park for a free screening of Linda Västrik's FOREST OF THE DANCING SPIRITS, a vibrant and heartbreaking ethnographic study that takes us to the farthest reaches of the Congo Basin.

Thursday, Rooftop has the SOLD OUT screening of PULP: A FILM ABOUT LIFE, DEATH & SUPERMARKETS. Jarvis Cocker is judging a special karaoke contest after the film. Has potential to be the most bonkers night of the summer.

On Friday, the team screens R100, Hitoshi Matsumoto's kinky, funny tale of a mild-mannered Japanese mattress salesman who joins a mysterious S&M club that specializes in surprising its clients in public, for maximum sadisticly sexual humiliation.

This Saturday, pack your picnic bag and head up to Storm King Art Center, where Rooftop is screening a selection of short films among the beautiful, picturesque grounds and sculptures at this world-renowned sculpture park. The team will have a bunch of musicians, food trucks, and beer. It also happens to fall on the August supermoon, with no city lights to distract from its magnificence. It's going to be a truly special day trip.

TONIGHT, Monday, August 4

8:00PM Doors Open
8:30PM Live Music
9:00PM Film Begins
10:45PM Q&A with filmmaker Charlie McDowell, writer Justin Lader, and stars Elisabeth Moss and Mark Duplass
11:00PM After Party sponsored by New Amsterdam Spirits

Venue: INDUSTRY CITY: 220 36th Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11232

THE ONE I LOVE (Charlie McDowell | 91 min.)
A married couple on the brink of separation escapes to a beautiful vacation house for a weekend getaway in an attempt to salvage what's left of their relationship. That's about where normalcy ends in this highly original, dizzyingly bizarre directorial debut from acclaimed author Charlie McDowell. Courtesy of Radius-TWC.

More info: http://rooftopfilms.com/2014/schedule/the-one-i-love/

Wednesday, August 6

8:00PM Live Music
8:30PM Film Begins
10:15PM Q&A with filmmaker Linda Västrik

Venue: Socrates Sculpture Park

FOREST OF THE DANCING SPIRITS (Linda Västrik | 104 min.)
Deep within one of the world's last untouched rainforests lives the Yaka/ Mbendjele tribe, a group of hunter-gatherers from the Congo Basin, who are about to discover the Western world's intense lust for "progress." Beyond just an ethnographic study, award-winning filmmaker Linda Västrik imbues each lush frame with humor, heartbreak and vibrant storytelling.

More info: http://rooftopfilms.com/2014/schedule/forest-of-the-dancing-spirits/

Thursday, August 7

8:00PM Doors Open
8:30PM DJ Set by Mondo Music
9:00PM Film Begins
10:45PM Q&A with filmmaker Florian Habicht and Jarvis Cocker
11:00PM After Party sponsored by New Amsterdam Spirits and Sixpoint Brewery, special karaoke contest judged by Jarvis Cocker and Florian Habicht.

Venue: INDUSTRY CITY: 220 36th Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11232

PULP: A FILM ABOUT LIFE, DEATH & SUPERMARKETS (Florian Habicht | Berlin | 90 min.)
One of the greatest bands to come out of the '90s is captured in this intimate and imaginative documentary, structured around Pulp's final concert in their hometown of Sheffield. Courtesy of Oscilloscope Laboratories.

More info: http://rooftopfilms.com/2014/schedule/pulp-a-film-about-life-death-and-supermarkets/

Friday, August 8

8:00PM Doors Open
8:30PM Live Music
9:00PM Film Begins
11:30PM After Party Sponsored by New Amsterdam Spirits

Venue: INDUSTRY CITY: 220 36th Street, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11232

R100 (Hitoshi Matsumoto | 94 min.)
When a mild-mannered Japanese mattress salesman joins a hidden, mysterious S&M club that specializes in surprising its clients in public and applying sadistic, sexual torture in any place at any time he soon realizes the price for pleasure may be too high. Courtesy of Drafthouse Films.

More info: http://rooftopfilms.com/2014/schedule/r100/

Saturday, August 9

7:30PM Live Music
8:30PM Films Begin
10:00PM Closing Short Film and Live Musical Performance

Venue: Storm King Art Center: 1 Museum Road, New Windsor, NY 12553

For the first time ever Rooftop Films will escape upstate to one of the world's leading sculpture parks, Storm King Art Center, to put on a mind-boggling set of shorts that help bridge the gap between art and nature.
For over fifty years the Storm King Art Center has wowed visitors with its pristine 500-acre landscape of fields, hills, and woodlands that provide the setting for a collection of more than 100 carefully sited sculptures created by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time. Just one hour north of New York City, in the lower Hudson Valley, Rooftop Films will screen some of the most interesting and unique works from international filmmakers in this one-of-a-kind setting.

FLESH (CARNE) (Carlos Gomez Salamanca | 8 min.)
Flesh reveals the sacrifice of an animal during a countryside celebration in Colombia. This animated short film proposes various readings around the body and the memory thru moving paintings.

PERTH+6HRS (Wendy Morris | 3 min.)
Perth+6hrs is a personal reflection on the transience of family, on the fleetingness of childhood, and on the inevitable separations as children grow up and move away. The objects in the film are made by the son of the filmmaker. The film is created out of a single drawing.

ORLANDO'S BOOK (Wendy Morris | USA | 3 min.)
A book of English landscapes was awarded to a young man who grew up on mission stations in Southern Africa in the 19th century. This book, belonging to an ancestor of the artist, is the starting point to a reflection on literary memories of places read about but never visited, and on places experienced but never seen illustrated in books.

BEAUTY (Rino Stefano Tagliafierro | 10 min.)
A short story of the most important emotions of life, from birth to death, love and sexuality through pain and fear. It is a tribute to art and his disarming beauty. ...

PORTRAIT (Donato Sansone | 3 min.)
A slow and surreal video slideshow of nightmarish, grotesque and apparently static characters.

EAGER (Allison Schulnik | Los Angeles, CA | 9 min.)
"Eager" is a traditional, stop-motion and clay-mation film ballet by painter/animator Allison Schulnik. It is a celebration of the moving painting. Although there is a beginning, middle and end, what it retains in traditional material and methods, it avoids in narrative structure. It is an uncertain account of what exists somewhere between tragedy and farce.

MOUNTAIN IN SHADOW (Lois Patino | 14 min.)
A poetic view into the relationship of immensity between man and landscape. We contemplate, from a distance, the activity of skiers on the snowy mountain. The pictorial image and the dark and dreamlike atmosphere transforms the space into something unreal, imprecise, converting it also in a tactile experience.

More info, including transportation details: http://rooftopfilms.com/2014/schedule/supermoon-screenings-short-films-at-storm-king-art-center/.