AN HONEST LIAR, Sundance Shorts and TRAPPED IN THE MACHINE Set for Rooftop Films Next Week

AN HONEST LIAR, Sundance Shorts and TRAPPED IN THE MACHINE Set for Rooftop Films Next Week

Next week at Rooftop Films is one of mystery, deceipt, hysteria, and magic. Be prepared to have truth bombs blowin' up all over the place as The Amazing Randi -- one of the world's most famous magicians -- works to debunk and expose modern-day snake-oil psychics in AN HONEST LIAR. We have some of the best films from around the world, coming to us fresh (and FREE) from Park City, Utah in SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL SHORTS. We have a collection of maddening films that will inspire laughter, terror, paranoia, & delirium. Don't get...TRAPPED IN THE MACHINE!

These are fun, challenging programs that we've spread out across diverse communities. AN HONEST LIAR will screen on the roof of the JCC in Manhattan, with a special performance by acclaimed magician Vinny DePonto. Our SUNDANCE SHORTS program is free for anyone and everyone at the expansive MetroTech Commons in Downtown Brooklyn featuring music by Salt Cathedral. For TRAPPED IN THE MACHINE, we return to the grandeur of Industry City in Sunset Park.


Monday, June 2
(Justin Weinstein, Tyler Measom | 93 min.)

Venue: On the roof of The JCC In Manhattan (334 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10023. Subway: 1, 2, 3, B or C to 72nd Street. Bus: M7 or M11 to 75th Street)

8:00PM Doors Open & Pre-Screening Reception
8:30PM Live magic by Vinny DePonto
9:00PM Film Begins

By his own admission, James "The Amazing" Randi is a liar, a cheat and a charlatan, but only in the name of entertainment. After leaving home at the age of 17 to join the carnival, Randi carved out a career as one of the most daring and celebrated magicians of the last century, amazing audiences with his inimitable sleight of hand and impressive feats of escapism. Yet as he grew increasingly disdainful of psychics, gurus and chanellers, he took it upon himself to debunk their supernatural claims, unveiling the simple trickery borrowed from Randi's cherished art form which enabled them to dupe the masses.

From exposing the impiously deceptive methods behind the 'healing' of one evangelical priest to his ongoing rivalry with Uri Geller, whose outlandish claims of telekinetic spoon-bending powers Randi has sought tirelessly to denounce, An Honest Liar brings together a remarkably detailed survey of his achievements. A sprightly figure despite his 86 years, Randi remains staunch in his commitment to fostering a scientific view of the world, continuing to fight relentlessly against those who wrongly appropriate the techniques of magic. With pointed access, directors Justin Weinstein and Tyler Measom chart the progression of Randi's career from a young magician-blending rare archival footage of his performances and interviews with fellow magicians, as well as with Randi himself who appears with extraordinary candor.

Through recounting Randi's strange and wonderful life, An Honest Liar ultimately reveals how we are all susceptible to the powers of deception, even-in an unexpected twist-Randi himself. Yet despite how easy it may be to succumb to falsehood, if there's one thing to be learnt from "The Amazing", it's that we should question what we see, in order to reveal the truth we all too often choose to ignore.

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Friday, June 6

Venue: MetroTech Commons, Downtown Brooklyn (5 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Subway: A, C, F or R train to Jay Street MetroTech or 2, 3, 4, 5 to Borough Hall or B, Q or R to DeKalb)

8:00PM Doors Open
8:30PM Live Music by Salt Cathedral
9:00PM Films Begin

Rooftop Films is excited to re-team with Sundance Film Festival to present some of our favorite short films from their festival this year. Whether it's a short narrative, animation, documentary or experimental film, Sundance brings the best with this diverse array of storytelling.

MARILYN MYLLER (Mikey Please | 6 min.)
HACKED CIRCUIT (Deborah Stratman | Chicago, IL | 15 min.)
I THINK THIS IS THE CLOSEST TO HOW THE FOOTAGE LOOKED (Yuval Hamieri | Haifa, Israel | 10 min.)
THE CUT (Geneviève Dulude-De Celles | Canada)
CRUISING ELECTIC (Brumby Boylston | 1 min.)
FUNNEL (Andre Hyland | 7 min.)
RAT PACK RAT (Todd Rohal | 17 min.)
CRIME: THE ANIMATED SERIES - MARCUS MCGHEE (Alix Lambert, Sam Chou | USA/Canada | 5 min.)
AFRONAUTS (Frances Bodomo | Ghana | 13 min.)

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Saturday, June 7

Venue: Industry City, Sunset Park (220 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232. Subway: D, N, or R trains to 36th Street)

8:00PM Doors Open
8:30 PM Live Music
9:00PM Films Begin
11:30PM After Party sponsored by New Amsterdam Spirits and Bulleit Bourbon

Whether you're hanging out with your best friend's corpse, convinced you've been abducted by aliens, vying for elusive Internet fame, made of uncontrollable rubber material, or trying to escape the cycle of a defective justice system there's a method to the madness and it's often entertaining as hell.

WAWD AHP (Steven Girard, Josh Chertoff | 3 min.)
SYNDROMEDA (Patrik Eklund | 21 min.)
LATE FOR MEETING (David Lewandowski | 2 min.)
THE RUNAWAY (LA FUGUE) (Jean-Bernard Marlin | 22 min.)
KIDS AND EXPLOSIONS - SWEAR WORDS (Thomas Vernay, Yann Wallaert | 3 min.)
REHEARSAL (Tom Rosenberg | 12 min.)
I'M A MITZVAH (Ben Berman | 18 min.)

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