Viralheat Enhances Enterprise Social Management Platform with Zendesk Integration

Viralheat Enhances Enterprise Social Management Platform with Zendesk Integration

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Viralheat, a leading provider of enterprise social media management software, announced today that it is adding integration with customer service software Zendesk to its world-class platform. Viralheat empowers businesses to perform all of their social media needs within a single, all-in-one social management platform. The integration with Zendesk follows Viralheat's announcement of its Salesforce integration and further bridges the gap between social, sales, and customer service for professional and enterprise Zendesk business customers.

"We incorporated Zendesk into our platform so our clients could take advantage of the converging fields of social, sales, and support," said Viralheat CTO and co-founder, Vishal Sankhla. "The volume of online conversations surrounding businesses and large brands continues to grow, and many of these conversations detail a consumer's issues, questions, and feelings of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with a particular brand or service."

The integration allows businesses to securely connect their Zendesk account to create and manage support tickets for mentions on multiple social accounts, as well as facilitate the online conversations.Additional features of the cross-functional integration include the abilities to input user information (if known), include notes to the support team, and reply to queries and tickets from connected social accounts.

"We're proud to be a part of Viralheat's efforts to bring social, sales, and support into one functional and efficient tool," said Eric Shen, partner/integrations manager at Zendesk. "Viralheat's integration improves efficiency and accuracy by eliminating the inefficient steps of marketing and support teams passing conversations to each other through email. Now businesses have the chance to track and manage social, sales, and support in one application."

"Viralheat's integration with Zendesk is an extremely compelling solution for identifying critical customer conversations, and intelligently routing issues to the customer service team to address and resolve," said CMO Paul Sebastien of Deutsche Telekom HBS/T-Mobile."This integration simplifies and expedites the time-to-interaction so that we can quickly respond to customer needs, and this seamless integration makes both Viralheat and Zendesk even more valuable business platforms."

The Zendesk integration is available on all Enterprise plans. More details about the Viralheat Enterprise plan can be found at

About Viralheat: Viralheat is a social management platform that empowers enterprise businesses to listen and learn about customers in order to build meaningful, deep, and relevant business connections across multiple social networks. Developed to provide a comprehensive and unified set of social marketing and management capabilities, Viralheat is the only software platform an enterprise needs to monitor, create, publish, or analyze its social activities.Founded and developed by two Silicon Valley engineers with deep experience in the security and network industry, Viralheat offers the most powerful technology available in the social industry while providing the compliance and scalability to drive successful business results across marketing, sales, support or any functional organizations.

Launched in 2011, Viralheat is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and serves thousands of businesses worldwide. Visit @viralheat #viralheat

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Viralheat Enhances Enterprise Social Management Platform with Zendesk Integration