Video: Spectacular New App 'Tribal Quest' Challenges Gamers to Summon their Warrior Spirit and Survive in a Dangerous New World

Gamers of all skill levels - from eager newbies to hardcore enthusiasts - can now download the spectacular new app Tribal Quest from HolosOne.

Available as a free download for a limited time in the App Store, Tribal Quest features a whole new level of unforgettable excitement and prompts players to summon their inner warrior and fight to survive in the dangerous, uncharted terrain of Holos Prime - a planet that has been ravaged by war and populated by hostile tribes.

To succeed in their quest and overcome numerous life-and-death challenges, gamers must blend high concentration skills and supreme finger dexterity to run, jump, double jump and roll at precisely the right time. They must also journey through Holos Prime's lush and dynamic landscape as they collect gems that give them special survival tips, and find totems that allow them to track progress.

Aside from its highly addictive and satisfying game play, gamers will fall in love with Tribal Quest's audio and visuals. The dynamic soundtrack and sound effects - including cool character voiceovers transport gamers to another time and place, while the vividly detailed graphics feature renowned artwork, and are optimized for the device's Retina display.

"We carefully designed Tribal Quest to be simple and easy to pick up and play, but challenging enough to suit even the most hardcore gamers," commented Jerko Latkovic of HolosOne. "Through stage after stage of dynamic, breath-taking and multi-layered landscapes, gamers will enjoy hour after hour of fun as they put their warrior spirit to the test. Quite simply, Tribal Quest is what iOS device's were made for."

Added Mr. Latkovic: "At the same time, we should offer a warning. Tribal Quest is the kind of game that you plan to play for a few minutes, and end up enjoying for a few hours. So people shouldn't play it when they're busy - because they won't want to put it down!"

Tribal Quest, the spectacular new app that challenges gamers to summon their warrior spirit and survive in a dangerous new world, is available now in the App Store at

Tribal Quest is available as free download for a limited time, the app is optimized for iPhone 5, and compatible with iPad and iPod touch.

Video: Spectacular New App 'Tribal Quest' Challenges Gamers to Summon their Warrior Spirit and Survive in a Dangerous New World