Twitter and Viacom Collaborate to Find New Ways to Advertise in Social Media, According to CNET

Twitter and Viacom Collaborate to Find New Ways to Advertise in Social Media, According to CNET

This past Wednesday, Viacom announced a deal between them and Twitter for a joint venture to advertise on popular television shows. According to CNET, Viacom plans to collaborate with Twitter to advertise on popular shows airing on MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1, CMT, TV Land and Spike TV.

This is a recent announcement in a string of television and professional sports advertising partnerships that Twitter has made in recent months under the banner Twitter Amplify. The Viacom social video ads are set to debut on August 25th during the MTV Video Music Awards, with backstage access, interviews and videos being tweeted while the big events are occurring.

Twitter now has over 200 million users and plans to specifically target television viewers with sponsored tweets. When a program's audience is live tweeting about a program, they will also receive tweets from the show's on-air sponsors.

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