Twitter Users Are Switching From PCs to Tablets and Phones

Twitter Users Are Switching From PCs to Tablets and Phones

Twitter users are migrating rapidly away from PCs towards mobile phones and tablets as their preferred devices, according to the latest analysis from Strategy Analytics' ConsumerMetrix survey data. The report, "Social Network Profile: Who Uses Twitter?", surveyed more than 6500 people in the US and Europe. Between March 2012 and October 2012, the proportion of people who used a desktop or notebook computer for tweeting fell from 77 percent to 64 percent. In the same period the proportion who used a mobile phone for tweeting rose from 53 percent to 64 percent, and those using a tablet rose from 9 percent to 18 percent. Overall the proportion of Twitter users using a mobile device (either tablet or phone) rose from 56 percent to 71 percent.

"The immediacy of Twitter communications requires devices which are close to hand at every waking moment," notes David Mercer, VP, Digital Consumer Practice. "By definition this suggests mobile phones and tablets should be preferred devices for Tweeting and the survey evidence points clearly in this direction."

The report also found that usage of Twitter is highest in the UK, where 21 percent of respondents are frequent users (i. e. they use the service at least once a week). The UK is followed by the US (18 percent), Italy (14 percent), France (9 percent) and Germany (8 percent). In spite of Twitter's high profile, the report notes that 78 percent of those surveyed had not accessed Twitter at all during the past month.

The survey also identified some of the key demographic characteristics of Twitter users. It is most popular with more affluent people as well as younger people and students. 26 percent of full-time students are frequent users, compared to 17 percent of people who are employed full-time. Only 12 percent of people in lower income households (below $35,000) are frequent Twitter users, compared to 22 percent of people living in households earning more than $75,000.

Editor's Note: Strategy Analytics conducted online surveys fielded in March and October 2012. The sample in October 2012 consisted of n=2285 individuals in the US and n=4268 in Europe ages 15-74; in March 2012 n=2038 individuals in the US and n=3996 in Europe ages 15-74 years. Strategy Analytics weighted the data by country, age, gender and internet use to represent the US and European populations of internet users, respectively.