Ticketmaster Launches New, Innovative CAPTCHA Solutions, Making The Fan Experience Better

Ticketmaster Launches New, Innovative CAPTCHA Solutions, Making The Fan Experience Better

Ticketmaster, a Live Nation Entertainment company, isbeginning the process of upgrading the hard to read squiggly lineswith new, friendlier, easier to use solutions provided on their mobile Ticketmaster Apps and online. These solutions will improve the fan experience and are designed to be more effective in blocking BOTS, automated computer programs that some scalpers use to grab tickets before real fans have an opportunity.

"Ticketmaster is passionate about the fan experience and we relentlessly pursue ways to make ticket buying more fan-friendly," said Nathan Hubbard, CEO of Ticketmaster. "While an important step in blocking BOTS, we know the current CAPTCHA solution has been a frustrating part of buying tickets for fans. By working with Solve Media and deploying our own innovative mobile solution, we're leading the industry forward through our buying experience and the aggressive fight against BOTS."

On Ticketmaster.com,Ticketmaster partnered with Solve Media. During the purchase process, fans will be presented with phrases, questions or ads from Solve Media instead of the normal, hard to read mix of characters that needed to be deciphered before proceeding with the transaction. This new solution is proven to be a much better user experience and effective at keeping BOTS out of the buying process.

"We are excited to work with Ticketmaster to make the purchase process as painless and efficient for fans as possible," says Ari Jacoby, CEO of Solve Media. "At Solve Media, we take complex problems and create simple solutions. With our proprietary TYPE-IN technology, consumers can solve CAPTCHAs in half the time it takes to decipher the outmoded squiggly number and letter CAPTCHAs. Our security platform makes it difficult for BOTS to affect the system, allowing for better user experience and premium branding opportunities."

Ticketmaster has also developed an innovative mobile solution that leverages the 'push' notification feature on mobile phone applications. Fans using the Ticketmaster Apps will be authorized by a 'push' notification in the background during the purchase process that will allow them to bypass the existing type-in CAPTCHA security.

"Our goal is to improve the fan experience while providing security from BOTS and in the case of our mobile apps, we found a way to remove the type-in step completely," said Hubbard.