Teo Announces New Cloud and Cloud + Offerings

Teo Announces New Cloud and Cloud + Offerings

Teo (http://www.teotech.com), a communications technology company with over 40 years of experience challenging the status quo with industry redefining solutions, today announced the availability of its Cloud and Cloud + services.

"Many of our customers wanted a bundled solution encompassing UC applications, SIP trunking, long distance charges, and support from a single vendor," said Thomas Beck, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Teo. "That is exactly what Teo Cloud service provides. Built upon our r 3nd architecture, Cloud service customers have access to the same solution set our premise deployed solution customers enjoy."

For customers concerned with internet service or network interruptions, Teo also offers a Cloud + solution which adds a fully synchronized and entirely self-reliant Teo UC node on the customer premise. This allows for 100% of UC capabilities to remain operational even if cloud service or internet connectivity is interrupted.

Perhaps the most groundbreaking item to note is that Teo Premise, Cloud, and Cloud + customers have the flexibility to change their deployment type at any time without having to undergo reconfiguration of their UC system applications and endpoints. This means customers can enjoy the ultimate in UC applications combined with the freedom to change deployment types as business needs change. This is a capability not available with any other vendor's solution.

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