THX Unveils New 4K Certification Program for Ultra High-Definition Displays

THX Unveils New 4K Certification Program for Ultra High-Definition Displays

THX Ltd. today announced its THX 4K Certification program, which features newly developed tests and parameters to ensure that the latest 4K HD televisions are able to present content in full Ultra High-Definition (Ultra HD) resolution with image clarity far superior to that of conventional HDTVs. THX 4K Certified televisions not only meet industry 4K performance guidelines but also present content that most accurately reconstructs the original HD master image. The new Sharp LC-60HQ10 is the world's first THX 4K Certified display, capable of converting standard HD content into a 4K2K picture with staggering detail and precision, bringing the entertainment experience to life.

The THX 4K Certification program is the only performance standard currently available for higher resolution displays. To be awarded this certification, displays must pass up to 600 rigorous tests and measurements to ensure HD and Ultra HD images are presented accurately and to the highest standard. THX evaluates color precision, clarity, uniformity and detail to analyze how well a 4K or Ultra HD display can depict a variety of critical image elements while minimizing the perceived effects of grain and other flaws. THX Certified displays will feature a new setting, the THX 4K Movie Mode, which delivers the best possible pre-calibrated video settings for viewing Ultra HD and reconstructed HD movies right out-of-the box.

"With consumers today demanding more immersive and compelling home entertainment experiences, the industry has moved beyond HDTVs toward even higher resolution displays that offer a whole new level of entertainment realism in the home," said Peter Vasay, vice president of technology operations at THX Ltd. "Our new THX 4K Certification process ensures that content viewed on a THX Certified Ultra HD display meets the most exacting video standards achievable in a consumer television today. Each display we evaluate must pass a stringent battery of tests to guarantee it can accurately reproduce the original HD image, in precisely the colors, tones and resolution intended."

Sharp LC-60HQ10 Product Highlights:

The new Sharp LC-60HQ10 is the world's first THX 4K Certified display. The 60" model features Integrated Cognitive Creation (ICC) image technology, capable of reconstructing 4K2K images that look more realistic than traditional up-conversion pictures by analyzing the reflections of light on the original content. The unit features an LCD panel specifically designed to showcase ICC image reconstruction technology. As luxury models, Sharp 4K TVs are designed to meet high-end, high-quality needs of specialty retail and custom install markets. Sharp is the number one selling TV brand in Japan for 60" plus screen size classes.

THX at CES 2013:

THX will be explaining the THX 4K Certification process, demonstrating the new Sharp display in its Renaissance Hospitality Suite at CES 2013, in addition to showcasing additional THX Certified products. THX will also be highlighting its partnership with Sontia, demonstrating an innovative sound processing technology that enhances acoustic performance and reduces development/production costs across a more comprehensive set of speaker products than what exists today.

About THX:

From the big screen to your screen, THX ignites your passion for exciting entertainment experiences. Founded by George Lucas and recognized by audiences around the globe, THX is synonymous with the design and certification of world-class cinemas, premium audio systems, 3D HDTVs and blockbuster movies. Products featuring THX technologies defy convention and define quality in their class, whether in the cinema, in the home or on the road.

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