Launches Open Beta of New Cloud Storage Service Launches Open Beta of New Cloud Storage Service

Shared Media, ( today announced the open beta of the company's new cloud storage service,

Question: How many songs can be stored with 2 terabytes of storage?

Answer: Approximately 400,000.

That's a lot of music and offers a place to put all your files.

As data consumption continues to grow from the rise of HD video, faster Internet and media capture devices, individuals are creating more and more digital content. In addition many consumers are outgrowing the total storage capacity of their multiple devices. There is less space for important documents or photos and those who need more are jumping to cloud storage services.

With the emergence of consumer products such as Google Glass, the popular line of GoPro cameras and wearable technology accessories, the growing need for additional personal file storage is apparent.

Cloud Storage Usage

Shared predicts consumer need for storage will increase by 700-800 percent over the next few years.

Large companies such as Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive, Dropbox and others have leveraged data storage into a viable and rapid growth business. With the potential upcoming IPO's of two rival companies, cloud storage could gain much more visibility in the not-too-distant future.

"As the quality and volume of content increases, cloud storage is moving incredibly fast towards the mainstream," says Adam Oliver, Chief Executive Officer of Shared Media. "A recent report by Strategy Analytics stated that nearly 55% of connected Americans have never used cloud storage. We think our free service is a great option for anyone looking for online file storage and if additional space is needed, we offer that too."