Rest in Peace: Acer & Asus Officially Pronounce Netbooks - DEAD

Rest in Peace: Acer & Asus Officially Pronounce Netbooks - DEAD

In news that should surprise no one, January 1, 2013 represents not only the new year, but also the official final move of manufacturers Asus and Acer, the last two companies making netbooks - to get out of the business.

Heralded as the next big thing back in 2009, it's the end of an era. Digitimes reports that "With Asustek Computer recently announcing an end to its Eee PC product line from the end of 2012, while Acer also has no plans to release more netbook products, the netbook market will officially end after the two vendors finish digesting their remaining inventories.

Facing strong competition from tablets, only Asustek and Acer are still competing in the netbook market and are mainly selling to emerging markets such as countries in Southeast Asia and South America."

If you got a Netbook, instead of a tablet or an Ultrabook this holiday season -- we are sorry.

Intel, which made its Atom processor with the intent of aiming at lower-cost, lower-power, longer-battery-life PCs, is still going to keep making the Atom and those will be pushed into embedded technologies. Next up? Ultrabooks.