Respect Network Announces 20 New Founding Partners in Advance of Global Launch

PHOENIX, Calif., June 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ At the opening day of the Identity Relationship Management Summit, Respect Network, the world's first global private network of personal and business clouds, announced the addition of 20 new Founding Partners as it prepares for its worldwide launch in 5 cities starting on 23 June.

Founding Partners are companies who help design, build, and deliver this new global network and the privacy-respecting apps that will use it. New Founding Partners include:

  • 4th Party - C2B platform for trusted brands to help their customers buy complex products together, easier and for less.
  • Airship - cutting-edge developer of applications for personal clouds.
  • ANZA Technology Network - a business accelerator that works with Australian, New Zealand, American and Asian entrepreneurs to access new markets.
  • CitizenMe - Ensuring visibility and control of personal data and identity for all digital citizens.
  • Cozy Cloud - a platform that brings all your web services into the same private space.
  • Customer Commons - for liberated, powerful and respected customers.
  • Flamingo - a Co-Creation & Analytics platform that allows you to interact with your customers as individuals.
  • ForgeRock - builds secure relationships across the modern Web including cloud, social, mobile, and enterprise environments.
  • Glome - a platform for anonymous personalisation and monetisation of content.
  • iHealthHome - health monitoring, collaboration and engagement software connecting families with professional caregivers.
  • nFluence- the market leader in mobile relationship management.
  • Nimia - a seamless process for directors, producers and cinematographers to archive, send, & license their video assets.
  • Onexus - Australia's most innovative provider of personal cloud services.
  • Present Group - Australia's leading provider of completions process innovation.
  • Privowny - empowers consumers to create their digital memory, manage their personal information and market it from a single platform that only they control.
  • Relationship Expedition (REX) - is a cohort of corporate leaders working together to navigate the massive wave of change breaking over us now.
  • Smarter Complaints - a service to help companies and consumer resolve disputes.
  • SocialSafe- the leader in returning ownership, control & use of personal data to the individual.
  • Traitware - Stronger, simpler authentication when logging in to every mobile app and secure web site.
  • Who's Who Global Network - CSP for discerning users who realize there are no "free lunches"-and that online today, it's about not becoming someone else's.

"As the problems of Internet privacy and treatment of personal data grow increasingly acute, more companies are recognizing the enormous opportunity to stand firmly on the side of the user," said Drummond Reed, Respect Network CEO. "We welcome these new Founding Partners and the products and services they bring to show how together we can build a long-term sustainable solution for privacy and personal empowerment online."<

"Empowering individuals with the ability to manage and securely collaborate with others about their own personal health is the single most compelling reason we need personal clouds and the Respect Network," said iHealthHome CEO Dew-Anne Langcaon, who co-founded iHealthHome to enable individualized and informed healthcare decision making based on 20 years of leadership experience in healthcare finance, hospital and physician group operations. "iHealthHome plans to begin offering Respect Network personal cloud services to our customers as soon as the secure private document exchange capabilities of the network are ready."

"The cloud has introduced new complexities and challenges to keeping customer identities secure while still enabling ubiquitous access," said Lasse Andresen, CTO / Founder, ForgeRock. "The Respect Network will forge a clear path for CIOs to embrace the cloud for global data sharing networks with an agile, next generation Identity Relationship Management platform that can protect millions of users, devices and things connected to the Internet."

The Respect Network will launch global public registration in a series of launch events around the world starting June 23 in London City Hall. Subsequent events will be held in San Francisco (June 30/July 1), Sydney (July 7/8), Tel Aviv (July 14/15), and Berlin (July 21/22). For more information or to attend a launch event go to:

About Respect Network:

The Respect Network is the world's first global private network of personal and business clouds allowing people to share sensitive or private information as easily as a Facebook share. Founded in 2011, Respect Network now has more than 50 founding partners, apps, and services, all legally bound by an award-winning trust framework. Respect Network launches globally on 23 June 2014.

SOURCE Respect Network

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