Pinsight Media+TM Advertising Service from Sprint Makes a Solid Case for Brand Marketers to Go Mobile

Pinsight Media+TM Advertising Service from Sprint Makes a Solid Case for Brand Marketers to Go Mobile

No other medium can compete with the immediacy, intimacy and real-time impact of mobile. It provides an ideal platform for marketing as a service to consumers according to Sprint, whose Pinsight Media+advertising service is sponsoring a panel session today at the Mobile Marketing Association Forum in San Francisco. The panel, taking place from 3:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Pacific time at the Hotel Nikko San Francisco, will focus on consumer mobile advertising and engagement in-the-moment.

During the session, Sprint will reinforce its pro-consumer stance on customer privacy, transparency and choice by announcing it has received certification for its Pinsight Media+ mobile advertising program from TRUSTe, a leading online data privacy management solutions provider. Working with TRUSTe, Sprint completed the TRUSTe certification which includes ongoing monitoring. The TRUSTe Privacy Seal also indicates that the program includes a professionally reviewed privacy policy and has information practices consistent with the Fair Information Practice Principles.

"Mobile customers can become more informed consumers by receiving relevant messages from advertisers in-the-moment that can help their purchase decision," said panel moderator Dan Polk, who is director of mobile advertising for Sprint. "The key to Pinsight Media+ is that customers have the freedom to opt in to receive these more relevant brand messages. Customers can be confident that no personal information is shared. The TRUSTe certification validates that Sprint is transparent and accountable for responsible management of the customer's choice of privacy preferences."

"Given abundant consumer privacy concerns it's no surprise that consumers look for trustmarks before engaging with services, such as the Sprint mobile advertising program," said Chris Babel, chief executive officer of TRUSTe. "With the TRUSTe privacy seal, Sprint sends a clear signal to its customers that it respects their personal information."

Polk will be joined on the panel by John Ferraro, vice president, West Coast Advertising Sales - WhitePages; Jeff Hasen, chief marketing officer - Hipcricket; and Gabi Schindler, chief marketing officer - Amobee. The panel session will explore the possibilities of a full-service advertising model with mobile at the core, while delivering targeted and relevant messages in-the-moment to a receptive audience.

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