Peerless-AV Launches Custom Kiosk Integration Center to Support New Strategic Business Initiative

Peerless-AV Launches Custom Kiosk Integration Center to Support New Strategic Business Initiative

Audio visual technology solutions provider Peerless-AV today announced a new custom kiosk building capability with the opening of a Kiosk Integration Center within its 320,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Providing the first service of its kind in the industry, the center assembles, tests and delivers fully integrated, large format display kiosks incorporating proven products from leading AV, display and digital content delivery manufacturers, including 32" to 90" screens. In just weeks, Peerless-AV can ship finished kiosks directly to the customer for out-of-the-box installation.

The initiative eliminates the need for system integrators and end customers to source components from multiple vendors, wait for shipments to arrive from manufacturers around the world, and perform complex on-site systems integration and testing. The company's dedicated sales, product management and engineering teams handle all of those functions for the customer, enabling fully integrated custom kiosk systems without the delays or costs typically associated with custom projects.

The Kiosk Integration Center is located in a dedicated 10,000-square-foot area within the Peerless-AV plant, including a 3,000-square-foot clean room for assembly and testing. At the center is an expert team that will:

  • Integrate a Peerless-AV kiosk enclosure with the customer's choice of industry-leading, commercially available screens, media content players, interactive cameras and other components,
  • Load any requested software,
  • Fully test for interoperability and quality, and
  • Ship the kiosk directly to the customer installation site.

At the installation site, customers need only connect the kiosks to a network, if required, and power. Once any necessary on-site content uploads are completed, the kiosks are ready to use.

Custom kiosk integration is the newest offering in a series of innovative products and services introduced by the company's newly formed Peerless Technology Division. The Kiosk Integration Center advances the company's strategic mission to provide a comprehensive catalog of digital content delivery systems for dealers, distributors, integrators and installation professionals.

"Kiosk integration is a major pain point for several industries. Our objective is to enable these communities to outsource the process, free themselves of integration and testing responsibilities, and deliver both single and multi-site kiosk systems faster than ever before," said Michael Campagna, President of the Peerless Technology Division. "This program unique to our company will completely change the way kiosk projects are handled, ensure component compatibility, and expedite installation at customer sites."