New Update to “Smashing Robots” from MiniWorldGames Now Offers 72 Levels

New Update to “Smashing Robots” from MiniWorldGames Now Offers 72 Levels

Fans of the one-of-a-kind 3D game app Smashing Robots have reason to celebrate now that the latest version boosts the number of levels by a massive 200% -- from 24 to 72.

Created by MiniWorldGames, Smashing Robots transforms gamers into the brave and heroic John Rambot, and sends them on a mission to free their fellow Meekas from the thoroughly wicked Evil Corp Robots of Wasabi Planet.

Sound easy enough? It could be, if the Evil Corp Robots spoke the language of diplomacy, or had even the smallest desire to liberate their defenseless prisoners. Regrettably, they don't. As such, gamers are forced to take matters into their own hands - or rather, onto their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch -- and use skill and logic to journey through the jungles of Wasabi Planet, while they smash all of the Evil Corp Robots to bits through (what is now) 72 levels of gripping 3D action.

In addition to 200% more levels, the latest version of Smashing Robots also features:

> Lots of new playable elements including Cannon Blasters!
> Win free hints in the crazy bonus levels (if you can find them!)
> Take our hero from the Jungle, through the City to the madness of the Robot factory.

"Aside from a truly unique and intense storyline, what sets Smashing Robots apart from other action gap app are the stunning 3D graphics, and amazing sound effects," commented Jan Heuff of MiniWorldGames. "Gamers of all ages will forget that they're supposed to be working, studying or doing something rather ordinary, as they immerse themselves in the noble quest to free the Meekas, one smashed Evil Corp Robot at a time. And now with 72 levels to discover, the app promises even of more hours of fun, action and, yes, robot smashing!"

Gamers who are already addicted to Smashing Robots and can't wait to feast their eyes on 48 new levels -- or those who haven't yet experienced the gripping 3D action and want to join the quest to free the defenseless Meekas -- can download the app now from the App Store at

The app is optimized for iPhone 5, and compatible with iPad and iPod touch. A demo video is featured at