Just Released: New Free Educational iPad App for Toddlers

Just Released: New Free Educational iPad App for Toddlers

NEW YORK, Sept. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ A new high quality educational app called HitStory Kids has recently been released by Sheep Sheep Curly and Cap, just in time for the start of the new school year. Created by a group of passionate historians, the purpose of this innovative app is to teach toddlers about American history, culture, and the values and beliefs that were important in the making of American society.

How It Works
HitStory Kids guides toddlers in a fun and interactive way on a journey through iconic episodes of American History, where they are magically introduced to characters, objects and symbols linked to historical facts.

Each HitStory Kids episode explores a key moment of American History including the voyage of Columbus, the March to the West, the construction of the Empire State Building, the arrival of immigrants at Ellis Island, the jazz in New Orleans and more.

HitStory Kids combines historical facts with fantasy in the form of perils, dreams and imaginary beings like sea monsters, mermaids, fairies, ghosts and exotic animals to entice the child's imagination while still maintaining clear boundaries between real and imaginary characters. No fantastic features are attributed to historical characters.

Peekaboo Peet, a cheerful and curious hedgehog, and the other fictional characters will join the child in this journey through time and across the country, creating a sense of empathy and friendship while helping the child have fun and discover the world.

And the fun in HitStory Kids comes in many ways: the cute, the funny, the scary, and the amazing characters; tons of interactivity waiting to be discovered in each of the app screens; the music, always cheerful and setting the pace of the game and the 'mission accomplished' buzz the child feels when he or she reaches the final destination on the last screen.

In a time when children are digital natives, the need to create quality content that is both playful and instructive is of the utmost importance. The HitStory Kids app succeeds in teaching toddlers about American history while keeping them entertained and stimulated.

The first episode, Columbus Sails, is available for download in the Apple Store:

The next episode, Going West, will be released soon.

Website: http://www.hitstorykids.com
Facebook: http://on.fb.me/19UMxBt
Twitter: @HitStoryKids
Instagram: @hitstorykidsapps
Youtube: http://bit.ly/16LwG3r

SOURCE Sheep Sheep Curly and Cap

Just Released: New Free Educational iPad App for Toddlers