Hisense Technology Introduces New Glasses-Free 3D Technology

Hisense Technology Introduces New Glasses-Free 3D Technology

Hisense USA, the world's fifth-largest television manufacturer, today announced its latest efforts in the glasses-free 3D television space. Relying on an Ultra High Definition (UHD) panel for incredible clarity and detail, the new 60-inch GF60XT980 television concept brings true glasses-free television one step closer to mass-market viability.

Current 3D technology requires viewers to wear either Active Shutter or Passive glasses, which provide a slightly different image to the left and right eyes, creating the illusion of depth. Glassesfree 3D technology has been in development for several years, and aims to create the same three-dimensional effect without the need for glasses. By using a Hisense Ultra High Definition(UHD) 2160p panel, even at half the normal screen resolution, viewers are still able to enjoy the benefits of a truly high definition picture.<

The Hisense GF60XT980 utilizes a powerful video engine to push high resolution content to the UHD screen and through a high-precision lenticular lens, allowing the television to be viewed from wide angles. The television also features a facial tracking system that discretely tweaks each sweet spot to give viewers the best experience possible. The video engine is also able to convert regular 2D content to 3D, giving viewers the choice to enjoy almost any content in a rich, glasses-free 3D environment.

Although still a concept, the GF60XT980 produces sharp, detailed images in both 2D and 3D, without the telltale lines and loss of focus that was a common weakness in previous generations of glasses-free 3D technology.

"Glasses-free 3D technology is the holy grail of the television industry," said Peter Erdman, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Hisense USA. "As this technology matures, Hisense plans to deliver it to consumers through mainstream products, truly opening up the market to a new world of glasses-free 3D entertainment and television viewing without compromise."