Good News for Washington, DC - UBER is Coming!

Good News for Washington, DC - UBER is Coming!

Just posted on the official UBER blog is good news for DC residents, the popular on-demand car service app is coming to the city after a long struggle.

Today is a *really* big day for Uber. REALLY BIG. One which will keep Uber rolling in the nation's capital for years to come, with the full support of city officials. Today the DC Council unanimously passed a legislative framework for "digital dispatch" that is pro-innovation, pro-consumer, and pro-driver. It will not only improve transportation in the District, but also serve as an innovative model for city transportation legislation across the country. We're excited for DC and for the dozens of major cities we think will follow its lead.

A Little Uber DC History

When we first entered DC nearly a year ago, the transportation regulations in the nation's capital were some of the most open and progressive in the country, making the District fertile ground for Uber's kind of innovation. We launched our service excited about the possibilities and the future. But those existing regulations were devised at a time before smartphones, GPS, and Google Maps. That disconnect concerned city officials and regulators alike. Did the existing regulations appropriately regulate this new model of transportation? How should the city protect consumers, drivers, and innovation all at the same time?

Since our launch here, DC city officials and the public have had an intense discussion about whether and how to update these old regulations for this new era, and how to do so in a way that benefits the city without sacrificing the safety, choice, and transparency that consumers and policymakers expect.

A Way Forward

Over the past several weeks, the Uber team has worked closely with members of the DC Council, led by Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh, to find a path forward for innovative transportation solutions such as Uber.

I'm proud to report that today, the DC Council unanimously passed a bill that promotes innovation, consumer choice, safety, and economic growth throughout the city. It's a model for cities across the country who are looking at ways to update their transportation laws for the 21st century. The law makes it explicitly clear that a company like Uber can continue to operate lawfully in Washington, DC. The law is pro-consumer and pro-innovation; it's pro-small-business, pro-driver, and progressive.

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