GeoPalz Launches Activity Trackers for Kids & Parents

GeoPalz Launches Activity Trackers for Kids & Parents

At CES 2013, GeoPalz (, creator of the first decorative pedometer for kids, introduces the ibitz PowerKey for children and the ibitz Unity for parents to its suite of products. With ibitz, a family's electronics are powered by physical activity. Each ibitz connects wirelessly to any Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Ready phone or tablet to track physical activity. For kids, the ibitz PowerKey converts physical activity into "keys" that unlock rewards, while the ibitz Unity for parents tracks the overall progress of family health goals.

Both the ibitz PowerKey and ibitz Unity are lightweight, always-on, fitness trackers that monitor a family's activity throughout the day, relaying this information wirelessly to smart devices. Throughout the day, the ibitz PowerKey converts kids' physical activity into virtual "keys" that unlock games, apps, shows, rewards and custom prizes. Parents use the ibitz Unity to monitor family fitness goals, while also tracking personal activity. Each reward-driven ibitz device comes with a free corresponding app, for both the adult and the kid versions, to meet the individual needs of each age group.

ibitz PowerKey for Kids
The ibitz PowerKey for kids not only unlocks access to games and apps, but also allows each user to care for their own GeoBotz character within the app. The ibitz PowerKey user is instructed to keep their GeoBotz character healthy through physical activity, healthy food, and plenty of water as a representation of their own physical health. With physical activity, kids will also unlock levels inside select games and can earn pre-set rewards and prizes through Amazon.

ibitz Unity for Parents
The ibitz Unity for parents allows users to monitor family health wirelessly, all in one place. The adult app tracks steps, distance, weight, height, overall physical activity and body mass index (BMI) for the entire family. Unity users can also create groups outside of the family, such as a running group, for extra motivation and streamline progress reporting. The app allows users to sync with other wireless devices including select scales, heart rate monitors and other social fitness apps.

"With the creation of the ibitz, we've found a way to create a product that motivates both parent and child in a way that works for them," Rich Schmelzer, CEO of GeoPalz says. "Parents are able to monitor goal progress and create accountability groups with family and friends, while children receive access to games and apps as a reward for excellent physical activity."
The ibitz line will soon be available for purchase at and in select retail stores in April 2013. The ibitz PowerKey is currently available for $34.99 and the ibitz Unity is available for $49.99.