EVS Partners with PayToo to Meet Compliance and Fraud Prevention Needs

EVS Partners with PayToo to Meet Compliance and Fraud Prevention Needs

With the rising fees and complicated nature associated with traditional banking practices, many American consumers are now opting for alternative solutions available online for money and payment management.

PayToo is a company that meets the changing needs of consumers in the mobile wallet industry, and has partnered with Electronic Verification Systems (EVS)to assist in the required compliance and security needs.

PayToo, who first partnered with EVS in June 2012, is now utilizing several EVS products including IdentiFraud Consumer, IdentiFraud Corporate, SSN Lookup, and IdentiFraud International.

"We are experienced in assisting companies in the Mobile Wallet space with their compliance needs, particularly with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Consumer (KYC) regulations," Jeff Davis, President and CEO of EVS said. "We also help protect their customers from fraudulent activity on their account through our IdentiFraud suite of products."

In the burgeoning market of mobile banking payment solutions, PayToo has already established itself as an industry leader. "As the world's premier mobile wallet, it's important that PayToo does everything it can to aid in security, fraud detection and compliance," says Michel Poignant, CEO of PayToo Corp. "Partnering with EVS was an easy decision - they're one of the top security and compliance solutions on the market."

The product's viability in a growing category, along with its trusted security and authentication, Davis believes, makes for a strong partnership in the space.

"We are excited and honored PayToo chose to partner with EVS for their compliance and fraud prevention needs," Davis said. "The mobile wallet is the future, and we can't wait to see PayToo grow to be the industry leader."

To learn more about IdentiFraud Consumer or about other EVS services, contact Eric Knapp, VP of Client Services, at (866) 491-5665.